How To Get Rid of Loose Skin After Losing Weight

The obsession about weight loss has reached dizzying heights worldwide, making people from various ages craving for the so called hourglass figure. While people who tend to be obese need to be careful, losing excess amount of weight does have repercussions. Apart from causing health problems, drastic weight loss can actually affect your look in a negative way. A lot of obese people who lose weight through methods like dieting or rigorous exercise are often left with sagging abdominal skin. This is an eyesore and they feel rather embarrassed.

Understanding what leads to sagging skin after weight loss

Human skin has elastic attributes and that is why it can adapt to growth of the body over time. When you put on excess weight for whatever reason, the skin gets stretched. The structure of the skin is much more complex than what you can see from outside. There are several layers and oodles of nerves, cells and receptors. If body changes happen too fast the skin may fail to adapt well. This is why sagging skin is what you are left with post drastic weight loss.

Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Methods to get rid of sagging skin post weight loss

It is always advisable that you resort to weight loss methods that do not lead to fast weight loss. When you lose weight in a gradual and planned way, the prospect of getting sagging skin is less. However, if you are already coping with sagging skin, do not give up hope. There are a handful of methods that can help you get the sagging skin back in shape. When these steps do not bring results, surgery is the only option.

Fluid intake

It is necessary to keep your body hydrated to get rid of sagging skin. Drink plenty of water every day, but avoid taking aerated drinks. Drinking water helps making the skin elastic.

Eat right type of foods

Along with drinking water, you also need to eat the right type of foods to fight sagging skin after losing excess weight. It is necessary to eat protein rich foods. Protein is the base compound of collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity. You may eat sea fish, milk, cottage cheese, legumes and tofu etc.

Avoid skin damage by sun

Staying in sunlight for long not only enhances UV ray exposure, but it also makes sagging skin worse. Cover your skin if your work involves working out in daytime. Avoid bathing in chlorinated water for the same reason.

Use apt Skincare products to tighten sagging skin

There are a number of specialized skin care products that can be used to improve appearance of sagging skin on waistline and belly. These can be used both by women and men.

There are anti cellulite oils and massage gels that you can use. However, be aware that not all products can bring the same result. Based on your skin type, choose such a balm or moisturizer. You can also resort to using a quality body scrub and loofah while bathing. These will help your skin get rid of dead cells. This, in turn, will quicken skin regeneration.

Use exercises to eradicate sagging skin

There are some specific exercises that can be used to reduce the amount of sagging skin on the belly and waistline.

Stomach crunches can be used to manage loose abdominal skin. You may start by doing 10 crunches a day and then hike the number with time. This will show improvement over a few weeks. You can try them every day at a time suitable for you.

There are some yoga postures that can also be helpful for managing loose belly skin. You can get help from veteran yoga instructors for this.