How To Get Rid of Motion Sickness

Motion sickness medically known as kinetosis is a problem faced by people of different ages. Motion sickness is also called travel sickness. People who travel in car, plane, or ship suffer motion sickness. This happens when the inner ear, eyes, and body, send a confusing signals to the brain. For example, a person who is traveling in a vehicle with no windows, will feel the motion but cannot see. The inner ear and the body tell the brain that the vehicle is moving, however, the eyes give the signal to the brain that it is motionless. The different parts of the body transmits different signal, which confuses the brain. This situation can cause a person experience dizziness, cold sweating, vomiting, etc. Some people can have motion sickness by amusement park rides, watching movies on big screen, reading while traveling, and odor of some food, cigarette, etc.

Motion sickness is not a serious sickness. However, life can be miserable with this sickness. You will not be able to enjoy any journey. Motion sickness does not require any serious treatment. You need to take care of certain things while traveling. When you are planning to travel, you should sit at a place where you can see the motion. If you are traveling by car, sit in the front seat. If you are traveling in a ship, you should be able to view horizon. Make sure that the vehicle has proper ventilation. You should rest your head on the back of the seat.

You should not read while traveling. You should not have salty food or diary products before or while traveling. If you happen to see others having motion sickness, you will also start feeling the same. So look at the opposite direction, when you feel that someone else in the vehicle is vomiting. When you are traveling, keep yourself engaged in something like talking to others or think of some good things that interests you. When you have motion sickness, you should not be afraid, depressed, or anxious. This can aggravate the sickness.

If you are not able to control motion sickness, you can take anti-motion sickness medications before you travel. You should remember to take one hour before you travel. You can also use medicated skin patches, which can be applied behind your ear a few hours before you start your journey. This patch will help you to overcome motion sickness. Next time when you plan to have a journey, go happily.

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