How To Get Rid of Nausea

Do you ever feel like you have to vomit every two minutes or so? Yet, in the process you never seem to throw up?

This uncomfortable limbo can keep you guessing. It is time to learn how to get rid of nausea. The first step is identifying the causes.


Motion sickness while traveling or sailing is one huge reason that nausea occurs. Other causes of nausea include pregnancy, food poisoning, infections, alcoholic intoxication, carbon monoxide poisoning, anxiety, stress, and medications. Poor circulation can also cause feelings of queasiness in a person.

Here are some ways you can get rid of nausea:

  • Try an over-the-counter anti-nausea medication. Dramamine and Bonine are a couple that work well for this purpose. These types of medicines work best for treating nausea caused by travel or motion sickness.
  • Use relaxation and breathing exercises. If you feel as if you are going to vomit and the cause is poor circulation, taking a series of deep and slow breaths would help. Breath slowly through the nose and then exhale through the mouth.
  • Prepare a saline (salt water) or menthol vapor. One of these two solutions mixed together could be used during the inhalation and exhalation (breathing)exercises. Breathing in one of these substances can calm your stomach and can reduce or eliminate queasiness.
  • Drink plenty of liquids. Water is the best source of comfort if you are nauseated. However, any beverage that does not have caffeine in it can help immensely. Sipping on ginger ale or sucking on ice chips also could help sooth your stomach, and so can certain sugary drinks. However, when nauseated try to avoid orange juice, coffee, and other acidic substances.
  • Use an herbal or natural solution. Ginseng, peppermint, or chamomile are some of the better-known natural stomach soothers. It is the menthol components of these herbs that calms nausea symptoms.
  • Eat soothing foods. Crackers, gelatin, toast, or other non-acidic and absorbent foods can help calm your stomach. These foods work because they help strengthen your stomach
  • Get some rest. This will help in the event your nausea is caused by motion sickness, infection, or food poisoning. Lying down works better than sitting or standing, but any kind of rest is better than no rest. Therefore, get as much rest as possible.
  • Seek doctor’s help if symptoms worsen. If you have tried to treat the nausea with one of the treatments described above and it did not work, see a doctor. This is advised because sometimes nausea is the result of a far more serious condition.

More Facts about Motion Sickness

Since motion sickness is one main causes of nausea, further explanation regarding the facts surrounding this condition are presented to you. Usually motion sickness is the difference between actual movement and perceived movement.

Sometimes actual vomiting does occur when you have motion sickness. This may be because your body is somehow convinced you are physically sick. Either way, the above treatments should work.

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