How To Get Rid of Thrush

Thrush or yeast infection is also known as Candida which is caused by a specific kind of fungus. This thrush infection can result in various forms of health problems like itching and soreness especially around a woman’s body. Thrush can easily cause an infection in the vagina which happens to most of the women once in their lives. This infection not only ruins their lives but it also leaves a deeper affect on their sexual life and personality. This infection can further lead them to more severe health related problems. Thrush is already present in the body. A small amount of thrush already exists in our mouths. With a weaker immune system this infection can get out of control and can spread further that would lead to more severe problems like a sore mouth or it could also affect on tongue.

Since thrush is caused by a bacterium which is a specific kind of fungus therefore, this can be treated only through anti-fungal drugs. Other treatments for curing thrush around or inside vagina can be through applying creams or by taking capsules as prescribed by a doctor. However, this infection can be treated by giving stronger medications such as Fluconazole (Diflucan) or ketoconzole (Nizoral). These medications will prevent the further spread of thrush to other parts of the body. Severe infections can lead to mouth cancer in humans to digestive tract cancer in animals and many other vaginal problems in women. In some cases, home remedies can be helpful in the treatment of minor infections but for a short term period whereas, medical treatment can prevent it from further spread to other parts of the body because it can cause various types of cancer or HIV.

It is also noticeable to know that good control in sugar level in blood also helps in the treatment and controlling of the infection. Pessaries and creams are also helpful to cure vaginal thrush infections. Since, these are direct in-contact with the skin therefore they produce a better result. Pessaries are bullet-shaped tablets that are either hard or waxy in nature that are pushed inside the vagina. There are two types of creams available that are used in the treatment of thrush. Vaginal creams are applied inside the vagina to treat the infection from within whereas vulva creams are applied outside the vagina to heal the soreness and itching.

Oral medications for the treatment of thrush can cause some side effects like nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness or skin rash. It is advisable to discuss with a doctor before taking any medicines for its cure. Many women have found relief through a wide range of available alternative treatments for curing thrush. Using Calendula for the treatment can be an ideal one since it helps in soothing the sore skin as well as it is best known for its antifungal properties. Calendula is a byproduct of marigold flowers. Garlic is another natural treatment for curing all sorts of bacterial infections because it contains both the antibacterial and antifungal properties. While some women on the other hand find tea tree oil as the best natural product for the treatment. It’s always better to seek advice from doctor for the treatment of thrush because if not treated properly with care it could lead to severe health problems.

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