How To Get Rid of Warts On Hands

In case you ever noticed rough bumps on your hands and fingers they might be warts. If you are not sure you may want to seek doctor’s advice.

You can also read the information provided below. It will steer you in the right direction as far as treatments are concerned.


Common hand warts are generally not painful. They are also not dangerous or life threatening in any way, and they are not necessarily as unappealing as the warts on the face.

However, they still look somewhat unsightly. Therefore, people seek a way to get rid of them just as a way to feel more confident.

The Infection Process

The common warts found on hands are not serious or fatal. However, they can be spread from one person to another very easily.

This condition present on the hands develops as a result of a person becoming contaminated with one of the many strands of HPV. However, you have no need to panic because this is not the same HPV that causes cancer (i.e. cervical, ovarian, or other reproductive cancers).

In any case, the HPV that causes hand warts can be spread via a dirty towel or by touching someone’s dirty clothes. It can be spread by holding hands too.

Diagnosis Info

It helps to get proper diagnosis of warts on the hands. That way, this condition can be properly treated.

You should really seek a doctor to get further information. However, for now you can identify this condition by way of the following symptoms: flesh-colored, tan, white, or pink sores. They might appear like pimples, but they also could be flat or raised.

If you pick at these skin blemishes long enough they could bleed. Warts are generally hard to remove and sometimes doing so could require medical intervention.

Treatment Options

A variety of non-medical or medical solutions are sought for getting rid of hand warts. Herbal solutions and over-the-counter remedies might be useful in some cases.

Some herbal or over-the-counter solutions are topical (applied directly on the affected area) while others are oral. These are less drastic or less painful measures that can help.

However, in some cases more drastic solutions may be required. One of these is laser surgery, and it is very effective but also can be costly. It is less painful than any kind of traditional surgery, though.

However, laser surgery might not help in every case. Therefore, minor surgery may be needed in some cases. This solution involves cutting the warts and/or destroying them with an electric needle.

This more invasive kind of surgery can be painful. However, anesthesia is available. Still, this is considered to be one of the last resorts.

Chemical cleansing treatment might also be used. Usually it requires the application of a substance such as cantharidan and then the placement of a bandage.

As far as home removal solutions, there is one that has not been mentioned yet. It is the use of vinegar and/or alcohol along with duct tape. Instructions regarding such can be found in other literature.