How To Get Rid of Water Retention

Your body is at least seventy five percent made of water. But what happens when your body starts keeping unnecessary water in it? A lot of people suffer from this problem, and there are ways to get rid of it.


When water or other such fluids stay back inside your cells, tissues, and other part of the anatomy, then you can have a lot of uncomfortable effects, like swelling, bloating, and problems with blood circulation. It can also engorge into deadly issues like pulmonary edema, cardiac arrest, or kidney failure.

Some reasons for this problem:

• Having a high sodium diet can be a problem and add to the water retention of the body.
• Eating less fibrous food would add to your woes and let the water stay back.
• Certain prescription pills might have a harmful side effect like water retention.
• Not exercising enough can create a serious problem.
• A lot of women suffer from lower body swelling because of the added weight of the baby and subsequent eating.

Signs and Symptoms

You know you have a problem of water retention when you note:

  • Engorged body parts
  • Affected parts get painful
  • Joints are stiff, muscles cramp often
  • When the skin is pressed down on the swollen part, it does not immediately spring back up.

Treatment and Prevention

How do you fight this problem? There are several ways to remedy this problem:


Do a lot of exercise to keep a constant flow of blood and maintain it to make your body healthy.

Diet Change

Change the way you look at food. Revise your food quotient and add/remove a few things from the menu. Here are a few things to watch out for. :

  • Heighten your fiber intake. That adds to your body a self-scrub which can clean up the insides of your stomach and colon.
  • Lower the amount of salt you eat on the table. If possible, do not add extra salt to the prepared food.
  • Eating a lot of different kinds of organic Vitamin B can add to your body’s ability to let go of water. Eat a certain amount of meat and eggs to add to the intake of the vitamin to your body.

Water Therapy

If your body feels dehydrated, and thinks there’s not enough fluid, then it generally keeps in a lot of water. So to prevent it drink at least two liters of water and maintain your circulation. Do not drink alcohol, coffee and sodas, because these further dehydrate the system instead of rejuvenating it.

Consult Your Doctor

There might be cases which can get to extreme levels. In that case it is best if you talk to someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about the matter. A doctor is the perfect man to go to. You can prevent a lot of diseases by simply going to him and explaining your problem, which he can find a solution to.

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