How To Get Rid of White Coat Syndrome

White coat hypertension that is also renowned as white coat syndrome is a well know phobia occur when patient’s blood pressure surge high when they are in clinical or medical environments. In this phobia the “White Coat” is doctor’s coat and this phobia could happen to anyone male, female old or young.

Hypertension is entirely distinctive from “white coat” syndrome as hypertension means that the patient got consistently high readings regardless of the fact that he is in a clinical environment or not. While on the other hand a patient with white coat syndrome got his blood pressure shoots up when in a clinical environment but then again go back to normal reading when outside the clinical environment. Lack of awareness of white coat phobia, it is difficult to diagnose this syndrome in patients. Even at treatment level unnecessary or wrong treatment prescribed to the patients due to confusion by the doctors as they failed to differentiate between white coat syndromes with hypertension. Only remedy of this confusion is that doctor should keep the record of the patient blood pressure reading at home and at clinic.

Fear is basic human instinct and all of us feel fear to some extent in life. This is one of the major motivating elements behind this white coat syndrome. Beside its effectiveness clinics are still perceived by many as a place of unrest because in their subconscious they have stored the stories of misery and even deaths at clinics. This sense of fear creates anxiety among many patients and due to this anxiety, patient’s blood pressure start shooting up unknowingly.

Health care system has changed over the period of years and now doctors are so busy that they don’t have time to build long-term compassionate relationship with patients. This thing creates a level of mistrust between doctor and patient.

As science advances more and more the field of medical, a paradigm shift is occurring from cure of disease to prevention of disease. To achieve this now patient has to undergo many screening cholesterol checks, mammograms, rectal exams and many alike and this is making patient more conscious about his level of heath. Few test involve a level of uncomfortable to go though and this also make patient frighten beside the fact this procedure is done to make patient resist and recover illness quickly.

The best way to tackle this white coat syndrome is to train your instinct of fear in favor of doctor’s treatment. First and foremost thing is to admit that one is feeling fear and once it realized then next step to over come on this fear become relatively easier. Meditation, behavioral therapy and knowledge of your real health condition are best way to go through this anxiety. Two to three sessions of therapy and meditation could be very beneficial to get rid of this anxiety. Awareness of your illness is important to understand the level of test one has to go though to get cured. Important tip is talk to your doctor if you notice any white coat syndrome.