How To Heal a Bitten Tongue

Your tongue is surely one of the most sensitive muscles in your body and even the slightest injury to it may cause lot of discomfort for you. If you accidentally bit your tongue while eating, the pain might last for longer times and so will the constant discomfort irritating you every time and again. If you’re thinking – how big of an issue can it be really – you should know that tongue bite is one of the most terrifying pains as it will trouble you every time you are chewing something or drinking a liquid with strong or acidic taste. Moreover, what is more painful is that everything that you eat or drink becomes tasteless as long as the after – effects of the bite remains on your tongue. Depending on the severity of injury, the bite can range from having a swollen tongue to an open cut or wound. Since, our mouth is full of low or high number of bacteria, a tongue bite is always susceptible to infections and thus it becomes imperative to get proper medical attention in cases of tongue bites. Here are few ways which you may follow to heal tongue bite.

bitten tongue

Clean The Wound Area And Stop The Flow of Blood

If you bite your tongue accidentally and there is still some amount of blood coming out of it, clean the wound and area around it. You could use cotton or a swab to soak the blood and clean the wound. If you apply some pressure, you might stop the flow of more blood. However, do so only if it’s not painful. It is advisable to use only cotton or a swab to clean the wound as anything else might cause an infection and aggravate the problem for you. After you clean blood on the wound, you can use milk of magnesia to clean it further.

Regular Rinsing Your Mouth Is Important

Mouth is a sensitive part of the body and so are teeth and tongue. Since, all we intake into our body goes through mouth, it is always prone to lot of bacteria and other harmful germs. Your doctor will surely prescribe some antibiotic to help the wound heal, however, in addition, you can use an antiseptic mouth wash to rinse your mouth and keep in clean all the times. Make sure to rinse your mouth with mouth-wash almost every time you have your meals or at least 3 times a day. Also, avoid using mouth-wash with alcohol content as they may cause burns, which would worsen your condition.

Watch-Out The Kind of Food You Eat

When you have a tongue bite, you may not and should not eat hard food or anything that may rub with the wound and the affected area. Tongue bites are not only painful during the bite but give you trouble every time you eat or drink anything. Therefore, it is advisable to eat soft food or something that you can chew easily and would not rub against the wound. Moreover, avoid eating anything that is acidic or too spicy as they would give you a burning feeling. Alternatively, you can have non – citreous fruits like banana or can have liquid or semi-liquid things to eat.

See Your Doctor If It Is Beyond Your Control

You have tried everything but the situation is worsening. At this point the only option you are left with is to consult a doctor and get proper medication before the wound turns into a severe infection. Often an open wound or cut in the tongue becomes infected and can lead to bigger problems, if left unattended. And the best thing is to consult a doctor well before that situation arises. A good doctor would be able to identify the severity of wound and prescribe you proper medication. In some cases, they might go for a minor surgery if the bite looks too bad to be cured through medication.

To sum it up, a severe tongue bite when prolonged without any treatment may lead to problems like ulcer. Mouth ulcer is a bigger problem in itself and may even lead to cancer. The idea is that you should not procrastinate or ignore a tongue bite since it may cause more complications, if unattended. Last but not the least, having done all of these things; you should remember that you need to be patient to deal with this. A tongue bite does not heal within seconds and hours. It takes time and you need to keep yourself calm in such times.