How To Increase Your Water Intake

Water accounts to more than 60% of human body composition. It is the most essential ingredient required to ensure that your bodily functions happen the exact way it is intended to. From weight management to diabetes, from fever relief to constipation, water is one the most effective natural cures. Before taking you through the various ways you can increase you water intake, here is a short note on how much water do you need to drink daily,.

How Much Water Should You Drink Every Day?

The various studies and researches conducted on the daily water intake suggest that a person should drink one ounce of water for each 2.2 pounds he weighs [30 ml for 1 kg approximately]. This means that a person who weighs about 154 pounds should drink 2 liters of water, roughly, that equates to 9 glasses a day on an average.

drinking water

How Can You Drink More Water?

In addition to drinking water as such, there are a couple of other ways too through which you can pep up your water intake.

1. Start Your Day With Water!

Make it a thumb rule to drink 2 glasses of water at least on empty stomach. This activates your digestive fire and your metabolism levels on. Choose to drink warm water, especially during winters. Do not gulp down the water. Sip the water.

2. Drink A Glass Before Each of Your Meal!

Drinking water before your meals helps in cutting down the meal size and saves you from overindulging in unhealthy foods. It also sets the environment for a complete digestion in your stomach and intestinal tract.

3. Sip Water After Your Bath.

Grandma’s suggest drinking water, warm one, as soon as you take bath during winters and rainy seasons to shield yourself from cold and flu. It regulates your body temperatures, thus balancing your internal and external body conditions.

4. Drink About ½ A Glass of Water Once In Half An Hour.

Never gulp down an entire liter of water in one go. It is always advisable to drinking water in fixed quantity throughout the day, which doctors suggest to be half a glass in every 60 minutes.

5. Carry Water With You Wherever You Go!

This has multitude of benefits. Along with helping you quench your thirst, having water handy will prevent you from eating foods from outside. Also ensure that you carry water to your exercise destination and more importantly, keep sipping water every now and then to ensure that you are not dehydrated.

6. Cut Down On The Intake of Coffee And Tea!

Two cups of coffee and/or tea is fine, but if you are drinking more than that, then it is high time you cut down. If you feel like having a cup of hot tea, boil water with a inch long crushed fresh ginger. Strain and mix in 1 tsp of lemon and sip this water. It is a one-stop solution for your digestive issues, constipation, fever, and revives your metabolism.

7. Drink Water While At Work!

Many of us have a tendency to skip water while engrossed in work. Just take a couple of sips and swirl it in your mouth before allowing it to wash down through your throat. Your brain becomes more alert; your stress levels go down and you will feel relaxed. In short, you will feel better with just half a glass of water.

8. Eat More Water Laden Fruits!

Choose to include fruits such as water melon and musk melon in your diet to meet the water requirements. Cucumber is yet another fruit that is packed with water and could help you intake more water.


Do you have any other tips to increase the daily water intake? Share your tips with us!