How To Start A Weight Loss Program At Home

Obesity is one of the leading lifestyle related disorders that affects people around the globe. While losing weight and getting back in shape may seem difficult and overwhelming, it isn’t that difficult in reality. All you need is to stick to a proper routine and follow the correct weight loss program as per your body.

Setting up a Weight Loss Program

There are several steps involved when it comes to setting up a weight loss program at home. Setting realistic goals, working towards it, and following it religiously is extremely important. Keep reading to know more about starting a weight loss program at home.

Getting Guidance

Probably the most important step when it comes to following a weight loss program at home is to get proper guidance. Seek the advice of a nutritionist and check what changes need to be made in your daily routine.

A professional nutritionist will give you an idea about what lifestyle habits are causing weight gain, and will suggest you some simple measures to deal with it. You will also get an idea about the kind of foods you should be including in your diet to lose weight fast.

Weight Loss At Home

Sticking to the Schedule

One of the most important aspects of following a weight loss program at home is to stick to the routine, especially when it comes to exercising. Plan out your day and make sure you include atleast 30 minutes of moderate physical activity in a day.

You can get some expert opinion and create a plan for yourself when it comes to choosing the type of exercise you’ll be doing, or even get yourself enrolled in a gym. If you’re one of those who don’t really have the time to get to a gym and exercise, you can also find ways to sneak in physical activity in your day.

You could take the stairs instead of using the elevator whenever possible, or take a short brisk walk two times in the day- the basic idea is to keep your body moving and active. Cardio exercises and light jogging work best for starters. You could also try your hand at yoga exercises if you can.

Exercise for Weight loss

Understanding the Essentials

While restricting your calorie intake is an important part of weight loss, there are many other steps you could take to get to your weight loss goals fast. There are some super foods that are thought to promote weight loss effectively.

  • Apples– munching on this fruit before meals can help keep you from overeating. Apples are also rich in antioxidants that help prevent obesity and keep you slim and fit.
  • Oats– having minimally processed oats as your breakfast can give you a good dose of fiber, which in turn, keeps you feeling more full and less likely to overeat.
  • Lentils– lentils have earned a good reputation of being a belly flattener. Consuming more of these everyday can help keep insulin spikes at bay, which prevents excess fat deposition in the abdominal area.
  • Pomegranate– pomegranate seeds are loaded with antioxidants, and are low in calories- perfect for when you’re having that craving for something sweet, but you don’t want those extra calories.
  • Chillies– it may sound surprising, but chillies and hot peppers too, can help you speed up your fat burning process. The thermogenic properties of chillies help speed up metabolism, and helps your body burn some extra calories.

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  • Yogurt– yogurt is a great food addition for many reasons. It contains a healthy dose of probiotics that keeps the digestive system functioning properly, and is also thought to stave off hunger by keeping blood sugar levels stable.

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  • Olive oil– if you haven’t replaced your normal cooking oil for this one, now’s the time to do it. Olive oil is thought to help keep you feeling full, and reduces appetite. It is also thought to have ‘good’ fats, and prevents inflammation which is linked to metabolic disorders.

Adding more of these foods to your daily diet can help you reach your weight loss goals speedily. Always make sure that you seek your dietician’s opinion before you decide to add any foods to your diet, especially if you haven’t tried them before.