How To Use Aloe Vera For Health

Using various herbs for health benefits is a common practice across races and ethnicities in various parts of the world. While some such herbs are used in specific regions or countries, there are a few herbs that are used almost universally. Aloe vera is a popular herb that has been used for various medicinal and other purposes since ancient times. It was used extensively by the Egyptians and Romans.

Why Aloe Vera is so popular

Aloe vera is a non toxic plant that can survive in harsh weather conditions and do not need extensive care. You can harvest it in your backyard garden and use the succulent leaves for various needs. It contains phytochemicals and several nutrients so it can be used for treating various ailments and physical conditions. It is available in market in gel, juice and powdered forms. The nutrients present in this herb are vitamins A, C, E, magnesium, iron and calcium. It is available nearly everywhere and does not cost a lot either.

aloe vera juice

Ways to use Aloe vera for health benefits

Aloe vera can be used in numerous ways to boost health and fight a number of ailments. Its health benefits can be obtained both by women and men from diverse age groups:

  • Immunity boost

Aloe vera contains oodles of antioxidants. These compounds are required to fight free radicals that wreak havoc on the skin and body organs. As a result, your immune system gets charged up. You can drink aloe vera juice regularly to enhance capacity of the immune system.

  • Respiratory issue resolving

Aloe vera is useful for those who often cope with respiratory ailments and conditions. For getting respite from flu, running nose and cold you can resort to aloe vera. It is replete with Vitamin C which helps battle cold and related symptoms.

  • Respite from digestive problems

Aloe vera works wonder for people who have a weak digestive system. It works as a mild and natural laxative. As a result, it promotes digestion and problems like constipation are resolved easily. It also brings relief in stomach ache and heartburn. By drinking aloe vera juice, you can help the digestive system clear bowels and detoxify the body.

  • Improves skin health, treats acne and rashes

Aloe vera is extremely useful for improving skin health. The herb helps boost collagen production, which tightens skin and brings a glow to it. Its use can help reverse signs of ageing to an extent. Its anti-inflammatory property helps fight acne breakout. You can apply aloe vera gel on irritated or sunburn skin to get effective relief. It can also be used with honey, lemon and other skin friendly products to make face packs and masks. Apart from treating acne, it can also be used to heal skin blemishes.

  • Heals inflammatory ailments and conditions

Aloe vera has proven anti-inflammatory properties. It works both inside and outside of the human body. Drinking aloe vera juice and applying the gel on bones and joints can work wonders. It helps heal inflammation and swelling.

  • Fills nutritional deficiencies

By in taking aloe vera juice or capsule, you can actually help fill the nutritional gaps in your diet. For a majority of men and women adhering to a nutritious diet remains a challenge owing to the hectic pace of life, domestic chores and work stress, etc. They can easily fulfil daily nutrient deficit by drinking aloe vera juice. It is replete with essential minerals and vitamins.

  • Helps heal oral problems

The aloe vera gel can be used to heal ulcers and lesions inside the mouth. It also helps heal bleeding gums and dental conditions.