How Yoga Apps Help You To Stay Fit

The mesmerizing benefits yoga renders for health has paved way for the creation and popularity of countless apps. These Smartphone apps are actually a good substitute for those who do not have time or are lazy to visit a yoga studio for practice. These apps are also ideal for those who get easily bored by sticking on to a certain set of yoga sequences. Using the technology, you could now add fun to your fitness regimen, without compromising on the benefits of exercising.

These yoga apps are designed to inspire and motivate, and help you keep your fitness program more enjoyable and engaging. So how exactly do yoga apps help you stay fit?

Here are Some:

  • Do workout at your pace
  • You do not have to visit a studio or hire a teacher
  • Priced strategically, they are pocket friendly
  • Connect with like-minded people across the globe
  • Access to professional classes
  • Helps you unwind and de-stress at your comfort
  • Choose a customized class to meet your needs
  • Transition to the next level according to your comfort

When you have the exercise regimen that is personalized, you will find staying fit as an interesting idea. These apps mentioned below contains everything a yoga practitioner needs and is beneficial for every yogi out there. Read on to know more about these apps!

7 Yoga Apps For Fitter You

1. Yogify


It is an app that works in the same way for the beginners and experts. The poses are described with utmost detail, along with images, that ensure that you can execute the asanas with precision. There are various playlists that you can customize to help you stay focused and determined throughout the session. It gives you a chance to learn and master more than 275 poses.

Available for iOS, you can download the app for free. The initial five classes are not charged. You can access rest of the programs at $1.99 per program or buy an entire level at $3.99. The entire program comes at a cost of $9.99. What is more interesting is that you could actually preview a class before you buy the same.

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2. Office Yoga – Fitness AT Work

Office Yoga - Fitness AT Work

Office yoga is more like tarot cards apps that has been designed for the office-going gang. It allows you to take a break and indulge in some nice stretches while sitting at our desk itself. Priced at a rate of $2.99, it is available for the, windows phone, iPad and iPhone.

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3. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga

This free yoga app works on Android and iOS phone alike. You can choose the length of your routine according to your need. The HD videos offer you step-by-step directions to move in and out of the poses. Plus, it also offers you a chance to connect with the like-minded group across the world.

This app is the best if you are looking for yoga poses for weight loss as it offers various intensities to help you reach your desired goal. You can even focus on your problem areas only also. With a strong database that offers more than 400 asanas, it is a guided app that ensures that you are getting the postures right.

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3. Pocket Yoga (Android & iOS, $2.99)

Pocket Yoga

Carry your yoga instructor wherever you go in your pocket with this beautiful app. It has a vast dictionary that contains information about various poses, the way each one should be done, and the benefits each asana gives you. You can preview each pose to decide whether you should do it.

The app has various levels that will help you move on as you complete the previous one. There is an option for customization of music also. Priced at $.299, this app is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad users.

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4. Studio Studio

It offers yoga remedies for all your problems, including headache, slender waist, or better sex. Priced slightly higher than all the aforementioned apps at $3.99, it gives you access to 45 programs that meet various requirements. Available for Android, iPhone, and iPad users, this app helps you connect with other people.

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5. Daily Burn

Daily Burn Yoga

If your aim is to improve your flexibility and boost your fitness quotient, then DailyBurn Yoga app would be the ideal choice. It offers a 60-day program that offers you challenging Vinyasa sequences as well as various meditation options. You also have access to various other fitness training options, including HIIT regimens and kettlebell exercises to keep up your motivation levels. The app comes free for the intial 30 days and is available on Android and iOS.

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6. Universal Breathing – Pranayama

Universal Breathing – Pranayama

Breathing is one of the most essential tools of a yoga practice. Learn to breathe consciously and the right way at your convenience with this fabulous Pranayama app. This is an app that would help you prepare for a powerful workout session and is a must for anyone who is on a meditation journey. Priced at $4.99, this app offers courses spread across beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. It also gives you access to certain set of sequences and asanas which you can use for stretching and as a companion for Pranyama courses. Available for iOS and Android, this Pranayama app is ideal for improving your respiratory conditions including COPD, easing migraines and headaches, as well as improve your athletic performance.

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7. 3D Yoga Anatomy

 3D Yoga Anatomy

There are certain people who would like to dig deep into anything they come across. This yoga app is for such people who would like to know the yoga facts that have been proven scientifically. It is the best companion app for a yoga teacher. For a practicing yogi, this app helps him improve his fitness quotient by making him realize the way each pose works on an anatomical level.

You have the option to choose from varied programs to meet your current health issues. This is a one-stop yoga app for those who love to try out arm balances and inversions along with intensive backbends. Each of the poses have been explained from an anatomical angle as well. This app currently has around 40 poses, with each update giving your 10 more asanas.

The whole concept of yoga revolves around mind-body-soul integration. Hence it is advisable to trying out more apps before finalizing on one. Take care!