Kissed Someone With a Cold Sore? This Is What Should You Do

Cold sore is also known as fever blisters. It is an infection that can cause flammable burns and wounds around and near your lips. These are yucky to see for the others and very irritating to have on the lips. It is even discomforting when the fluid seeps through them for the person who had cold sores and for those who are looking at them. Moreover, it is said that a person who had type 1 herpes simplex there are ten percent chances in him to develop Cold Sores.

Now, if you have ever kissed a person with cold sores, and now you are worried about your own health, here is what you can do.

Kissed Someone With a Cold Sore

Check for Cold Sore Symptoms

It is recommended that if you have cold sore or someone in your family, specifically your partner is having cold sore then in order to prevent it from spreading, the person with cold sore must remain less in physical contact with the partner. Hence, it is recommended to avoid getting kisses by a person with a cold sore. However, if you couldn’t stop somebody kissing you or your kid, had a cold sore, the first thing you need to do is checking for symptoms.

Treating At Early Stages

The first ever symptom is a tightening occurring around the lips. If you feel your lips getting tighter and roughed, most probably, it is a cold sore attack. So, it is recommended that you start treating this problem right away. Some over the counter effective anti-viral herpes treatments and creams are available in the market which you can apply on the skin getting dried. If you won’t do so, there are chances that small blisters will start to appear around your lips.

See a Doctor

To use any sorts of antibiotic, I won’t recommend you to simply go online, right down names of the medicines suggested by the websites, and using them. I want you to go to your doctor so he can give you a proper checkup session and recommend antivirals according to your health condition and problem. If you use over the counter antibiotic they may worsen the infection and doctor’s prescribed ones may counter the situation quickly.

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Avoid any More Interaction with Cold Sore Infectious

Next thing you need to do is avoiding physical contact with the person who had cold sores, especially mouth to mouth kissing. When you see that fluid is pouring out of the blisters, then this situation is alarming not only for the sufferer but his/her partner as well. Ask him to take proper medicines and avoid as much physical contact with him as you can.

Bottom Line

These are some of the things you can do to avoid the spread of cold sore not just in your but in the overall family. When you see that after treatment your symptoms of getting cold sore are vanishing, don’t stop using oral medicines like creams you were using around your lips for some time. In this way, you can get rid if there are any more germs there. Hope these points will help you to counter your cold sore problem.