How To Deal with Plain Rugs to Transform Your Room

Home improvement is often on the agenda for those rare days off so it’s nice when you can find techniques that really work with minimum effort. You might have small rooms that you want to appear more spacious and feel bigger. Or, you might have large rooms that are just too big and you want them to be that little more cosy. Either way; you can achieve what you want easily. You might even live in a studio apartment where maximizing and dividing your space is your priority; you can achieve this too.

The answer can be found is a very simplest solution that is easy on the eye and on the wallet. Plain rugs can do wonders for any room and can help you achieve the space that you want whether you want to feel like you have more or less.

If you want to use rugs to make your room appear smaller and cosier, then you can use a large rug to create a partition in your room. This will divide the space and make it appear smaller. You can achieve this with more than one rug if you prefer or simply centre your furniture round one big rug to create a less spacious layout. This would mean bringing your furniture in a bit so it’s away from the walls and more compact. You can also add plain rugs of different shapes to reduce the appearance of a big space. This could be a large round rug, or if you are using more than one, then two rectangular rugs.

Plain Rugs to Transform Your Room

If you want to make that huge room appear a little smaller, more welcoming, and comfortable, then choose colours that are bright, dark, or rich. Bold colours will make your room appear smaller and take the focus away from space whilst making it feel cosier. The bolder colour choice reduces the appearance of space. Rugs with a heavy texture also help achieve the same whilst offering a very comfortable feel and appearance! If you are working with one space in a studio apartment, then use more than one rug to separate each section of the room and create the appearance of separate spaces.

If you want to make a space or a room feel bigger than it is, then you can use large plain rugs. The rug should sit in the middle of your room approx. 12 inches away from each wall. If your furniture is around where the rug will be, then you can still place it central, but make sure the furniture is a few inches away from the rug. If you place your furniture too close, it can make the space feel too crowded and defeat the object.

When trying to increase the space and achieve a more spacious feel in your room, use lighter colours to enhance the light in the room. Light, especially natural light is really effective ways of making a space appear larger. Light and neutral colours are the best options to achieve this. Using plain rugs without patterns that are non-textured are a must as patterns won’t help the effect you are trying to create.

Whether you are looking to make your room feel bigger or smaller; you can. It’s incredible what such simple solutions can achieve. Home improvement can be easy and effortless with a little consideration. You can achieve exactly what you have been looking for.

Plain rugs can do wonders for any room in your home. You can enhance the size whether you are looking to increase or decrease the look in any room. The range of colours available mean you can choose the suitable options for your tastes too.