How To Get Rid of Allergens in Your Home

Your house can become the hot bed for allergens and impurities, and you can find yourself facing a situation that might look bad. In that case you need to get rid of them as soon as possible to prevent yourself from getting allergic.

Getting To Know Allergens

Generally, type-I hypersensitivity reaction can be triggered off in atopic people thanks to non-parasitic allergens. When it enters the body, the antibodies believe it is harmful, and releases some kind of preventive, to which the body releases more chemicals causing inflammation. They can come in different forms, like pollen, particles of dust and other small particles. Sometime, food can become a cause of the reaction, like peanuts. To avoid such kind of products, you will have to keep yourself on an alert.

General Tips

  • With the right strategies, you can keep your house allergy free. Be careful what you let enter your house.
  • The house should be kept cool and intimate. Do not let humidity affect your house much, and moisture is not your best friend if you are allergic, because they breed certain allergens.
  • Particle filters should be present around your house to clean the air if you are prone to dust allergies. Clean them regularly.
  • Do not let infestation of rodents or insects inside your house. They both are famous carriers of such particles.
  • Mold would be your enemy as well. Refrain from staying in a house where you might be affected by mold and dirt.
  • Clean up. Every week at least, make it a point to clean your house to get rid of allergens.
  • Smoking is injurious to your household health, because the smoke carries harmful allergens that affect people.
  • Allergy to your pet’s dander should be dealt with by taking and keeping your pet out of the house. A doghouse for your dog or a cattery for your cat out of the house is a good idea.
  • Replace the carpet you have with something else. Carpets are notorious for containing and carrying allergens.

These ideas are general but they can help the general household. Now let us talk about specific areas of the house.

The Bedroom

  • Clean your bed sheet and pillows with warm water, and change them once a week at least.
  • Instead of carpeting, use linoleum or hardwood floor to avoid dirt gathering.
  • Do not keep too many knick knacks around. Let the space be free from clutter.
  • Synthetic or cotton curtains would work as repellant of dust.

The Bathroom

Exhaust Fans

  • Use exhaust fans.
  • Use washable rugs.
  • Dry the bathtub after using.
  • Check for and remove any kind of mold in the bathroom.
  • Correct any leaks.
  • Use some sort of paint instead of wallpaper.

The Living Room

  • Keep rugs and mats clean.
  • Use leather furniture instead of upholstered ones.
  • Prefer air conditioner to the air outside during the pollen season.
  • Let go of potted plant and such ornaments.

The Kitchen

  • Install any exhaust fan to release the fumes.
  • Wash up your dishes.
  • Scrub away traces of food from the sinks and faucets.
  • Wipe away moisture.
  • Take out leftovers and throw them away to avoid growth of mold.
  • Use water and detergent to clean up the kitchen.

If you keep your home clean you would find it would be a much better place to live in.