5 Best Ways To Get Rid of Things Before You Move

When you start packing up all of your belongings to move from your present home to your new residence, you probably will not believe all of the things that you have collected over the years. In some cases, you have a lot of good things stored away that you may not have an actual need for yourself. Therefore, you may be in a dilemma that you need to address as soon as possible, particularly if you do not want to discard things that others may really need and desire. Whatever the case or situation, it is important that you devise a plan that will assist you in preparing for the move and decluttering. Here are five ways to get rid of things you don’t need before you move.


1. Establish An Effective Plan To Sell Your Stuff Online

Even though these things are simply taking up space and you do not wish to take them with you to your new home, one of the first things that you should consider is that someone else may be interested in your stuff. To discard them could be a loss that you do not want to take since you may have paid dearly for the things that you no longer need in your home. So, the course of action that you initiate can make a big difference in whether you will take a big loss or get some of your money back. If this is your situation, you can establish a plan that will allow you to sell your good stuff online. For instance, if you have a lot of good electronics that can still be used by people who like what you have, you may want to check out online stores that will give you a chance to sell things on their site. By using this method to get rid of stuff you do not want to be transferred in the move, you can even recoup part of the money that you have spent on these items. To find more information on a well-known and reliable moving company, please visit North American Van Lines.

2. Host a Garage Sale

When you do your research, you should also discover that there is more than one way to recoup the money that you have spent on these things. In fact, if you would like to be paid for the items that you are about to discard, you can host a garage sale at your home. A garage sale will not only give your neighbors a place that they can pick and choose what they want, but you and the person can also strike a win-win deal that will work for both financially. Garage sales can be written up in the local newspaper so that everyone knows when to attend and where they should go to help you declutter your home.

3. Donate Your Things

If you have a little leftover from selling your items online and your garage sale, you may need another option to make sure that these things can be out of your home before moving day. When this is the case, you can still continue to declutter your home by using another great option and that is to donate these things to non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations are available for many different reasons and purposes, including getting the things that you do not want in the hands of someone who does. So, you can begin to pack up those old books, clothing, and other items to go to these places to be dropped off. Donations will also bring you in a certain amount of money since donations can provide you with a tax break.

4. Recycle Items

You can also use another alternative that can help you and others. One of which involves packing up your recyclable items and putting them in a pile. To find information on how to recycle your old items, you need to look on sites that have been dedicated to these topics. Recycling is an excellent option to discarding items in the trash cans that fill up the land fields.

5. Give Friends and Family a Chance to Participate

You can also give your friends and family a chance to participate in your move. By contacting them in advance to see what they may want from the home, they can also find some of the treasures that they have always coveted.