How To Get Rid of Coffee Grounds

Coffee beans taste better than instant coffee. That is why people use them. However, they can leave behind an unsightly mess and you have to learn how to get rid of coffee grounds afterward.

We should point out what we really mean here when we say ‘get rid of coffee grounds.’ We are actually going to show you how you can reuse them instead of throwing them away.

What you see below is an introduction to creating java wood chips or java logs to use as fuel. Below that you are going to be shown how to create coffee wood to be used for many different kinds of projects.

Making Fuel Logs or Chips

Of course, making your own java wood chips or your own Java log require a little bit of skill, so you are doing to need a recipe for making these chips.

At any rate, this coffee burns quite a bit better than traditional fuel and the consumption cost is quite a bit lower. Therefore, you should benefit from the instructions you will be given below.

First, you need these items for creating your logs or wood chips:Coffee grounds, metal wire, and candle wax. You also need a car jack, varnish, paintbrush, and soap. You also may need a cutter.

After you have gathered what you need for this project please follow these steps:

coffee grounds

1. Wash the used grounds. All you need to do is add a little bit of soap to them and rinse them out with water until the soap is gone. This is important because all the sticky mucous-like substance that surrounds each little grit needs to be removed.

Once you have removed all the slimy goo you can dry the used coffee with a towel. This is very important as too much moisture can cause it not to burn well. (Although, you are probably not going to use it until completely dried anyway.)

2. Assemble the log. It should be mixed together with liquid candle wax. Then, you should mold it together to form your log. You can during this time use your car jack to help press the newly-formed log and then you can bind it together with the metal wire.

3. Cut the log (if you want). This step is especially meant for if you choose to make chips out of your log. You can cut it up into slices if you want, but it is not absolutely necessary if you prefer to keep it as a log.

Making Coffee Plywood

This is another super-fun way to make great use of what would otherwise be household waste. You can use the finished product for just about anything.

To make your java plywood you need the following materials:

Coffee grinds, hammer, chisel, wood glue, sander, soap and water, and towel. Realize that you are doing to need a huge supply of grounds for this project. It may require that you collect these for awhile before you try to make your supply of construction material.

After you have gathered your processing supplies and have collected enough of your raw material (the used java remains) follow these steps:

  • Wash your grins with soap and water. You would so so just like you did to make the wood chips or logs. See the “Wash the Used Grounds” step shown earlier in this article.
  • Prepare and assemble your board, then let dry. First, flatten each grind with your hammer. Then, use a chisel to chip away excess ground husk. Afterward, divide the java remains you have into two pile and add the wood glue. Then form and shape the material into the shape you want, such as flat boards, or perhaps mold it into a 3-D object. Then, let it sit until it is dried completely.
  • Smooth out the finished product with sandpaper. You have the choice to make this building material as coarse or as smooth as you want. The longer you sand it the smoother it will become.