How To Live In A Green House

I’m sorry to disappoint anybody reading this who is looking for different ways to move in with their tomato plants but that’s not the kind of greenhouse I will be referring to. Reducing the energy consumption of your home is something that we can all do and it doesn’t have to involve any drastic lifestyle changes if you don’t want it to. A lot of people are put of being eco-friendly by the fact that they think it will take a huge amount of effort but that doesn’t have to be the case.

With just a few minor changes you can reduce the amount of energy you use within your home and reduce your bills at the same time. As a result you will be left with more money in your pocket and a big smile on your face knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment.

Be Conscious With Water Consumption –

A lot of homes these days are on a water meter and therefore excessive water usage can be a costly process. If you think carefully about your consumption though you should be able to reduce it and cut those bills down by a substantial amount. Firstly you could start by only using the dishwasher when you absolutely need to. Dishwashers are great but they require plates to be rinsed beforehand which uses twice the amount of water. Consider the washing bowl method and save the dishwasher for those nights when everything is dirty.

Ways To Live In A Green House

Another place where water is used in abundance is the bathroom but there are a number of ways to act more consciously. Shorter showers, turning the tap off when brushing your teeth and showering instead of taking baths are all great tips but the thing that will help the most is a dual flush system on the toilet. Inexpensive systems are available but a top tip is to use a sand bag or something equally as heavy in the cistern to make the water level rise and thus use less during a flush.

It’s Getting Hot In Here –

We all like our homes to be at a comfortable temperature and some even need heating during the summer months. However, there are greener ways of doing this than just simply turning up the dial. Servicing your boiler every six months is a great place to start but this can be a costly process so here are a few cheaper things to go with this. Make sure your boiler and pipes have the right amount of insulation. You can do this yourself if they are easy to get at by using some foam or other insulating materials.

You should also pimp out your radiators so that they work efficiently and there is no need to increase the temperature constantly. Boost them by adding a reflective material behind them to project the heat out into the room and bleed them on a regular basis. You should also look at upgrading your radiator valve to help cut down on heating bills. Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV radiator valves) will regulate the temperate a lot more efficiently and give you much more control over your heat settings.

Recycle –

A lot of people are put off recycling by its complex nature and stringent rules but it doesn’t have to be all multi-coloured bins and no hope. Start by recycling just one material such as paper or glass so that it doesn’t result in a conundrum every time you have to take the bins out and then build it up from there. You could even try recycling things within your home and turn them into craft ideas. For example, old tins can be used in a variety of different ways to brighten up your home, from candle or utensil holders to indoor plant pots.

Chris Mayhew has adopted many green living methods into his home and it has already saved him precious pounds. He is working for West Radiators who provide a variety of different radiator valves for your home.