How To Make A House A Home

A house is a boundary of four walls, a structure crafted with bricks and cement to protect you from physical perils like rain, heat, storms and snow. But, a home is a place where you put up with all emotional issues of life – happy, sad, challenging, and emotional as well. Putting it simple, a house becomes a home when you add life to it, not with things but with living relations and happiness around.

10 Things that Make a House a Home

Below is the list of the most essential things that make your house a home:

1. Love

This is the basic and most important thing that makes your house a home. Love is something that cannot be bought from stores and malls. It develops and grows with as much you put in and give to the family members. The common ways of showing love at home include hugging, kissing, and cuddling the family members, even the stubborn teenagers. You can also express your love through praising words of kindness. Love is also depicted in healthy meals, celebrations, gifts and all the time spent together. An interactive and loving family is what holds the members together for peaceful living.


2. Peace

A peaceful environment provides happiness and relaxation to family members as well as friends visiting you. The best option is to minimize fighting and provide for an existence of moral support. This also makes the children comfortable, thus encouraging them to discuss their experiences without the fear of being judged.

3. Playfulness

Another essential element that makes your house a home is playfulness. The basic idea is to allow everyone to be their real self at home. Dance parties, loud singing and wrestling matches, hide-n-seek, kids getting silly and naughty with parents and grandparents, and similar activities add life to your house, thereby making it a home.

4. The Decor

Aptly sized furniture and attractive decor make your house attractive besides creating a cosy and inviting environment. It should not be arranged in a way to provide a cramped feeling or appear like a museum. Making considerable choices for tables, artwork and lamps can add continuity and style to your home.

5. Comfort

The comfort obtained at home, even without the latest finishes and a perfect floor plan, is the basic and most essential element in creating a home out of a house. Arrange furniture in a way to allow room for unobstructed movement. You can also make your home comfy by adding indoor plants and flowers at the front as well.

6. Rituals

The rituals and traditions followed in the house contribute a great deal in creating cherished memories thus encouraging everyone else to get more of these.

7. Aroma of cooked food

The tasty food cooked at home with a mesmerizing aroma provides the homely effect to your walls. The fragrance of every dish cooked at home is considered as nourishment for your body as well as the soul.

8. Order

The order of things in a house is what enhances the comfort and peace and goes a long way in making it a home. An excessively cluttered home with dirty interiors would not create a relaxing environment. However, things should be organized with the purpose of developing a comfort zone instead of taking it to the other extreme where tidiness and cleanliness create an unwelcoming feeling.

9. Never-Ending Tasks

No house is ever perfect. The chores are never-ending. There is always something or the other that requires doing or fixed. These ongoing tasks keep you busy and maintain the thrill of life and allow you to maintain a beautiful home.

10. Memories

Memories in the form of pictures clicked on various occasions, like your first pregnancy, birth of your child, birthday and anniversary celebrations, your parents’ golden jubilee, festivals and many more coming your way. Beautiful memories at home, cherish your life even more.

In addition to the above mentioned things that make your house a home, there are numerous other things that add life to your home, like the things that you don’t feel like disposing off even after it is worn out, be it your favourite rug or an old wall painting gifted by your best friend on your anniversary or similar stuff.

Wrapping up – the happiness and comfort spread around the house are the essentials of making a home.