How To Get Rid of Spiderwort

Spiderwort is a plant that is also known as widow’s tears. It is a plant that often grows in clumps but it also has been seen growing individually in wooded areas and fields.


It consists of six yellow anthers and three petals. (That is the flower of the plant.) It often is blue but also can be found in white, pink, and purple.


Usually spiderworts are found in evenly moist soil. They do not require much care and/or they propagate by seed. They usually are found in the shade but wilt under intense heat.

The Eradication Process

You can wipe spiderworts out if you know how to do it effectively. It requires one or more of the following steps:

Dig up the weeds manually

This in fact is one of the best ways to get rid of them. The easiest way to do this is do it while the soil is damp, and when you pull the stems while using a garden spade on the roots.

You can use mulch to help get rid of them

When you cover the dug out spots and/or cover the spiderworts before they start propagating/germinating it stops them from growing. You can use a variety of materials to cover these spots such as hay, grass, plastic film, garbage bags, or newspapers. The goal is to stop the sunlight from shining on the spots where they grow.

Rake out the spiderworts

You can use a garden rake to gather all plant fragments into one pile, and make sure you clear up the entire pile. If you leave any pieces of the plant behind more will grow, as that is what weeds do.

Apply boiling hot water to the roots

This is idea if they are growing in such places as crevices where you cannot easily pull them out by hand or by shovel. The boiling water helps burn the roots so they cannot further grow.

Apply herbicide to the area that needs it

Usually you can place it on the leaves where it is absorbed all the way to the plant roots. It is best to apply it to the spiderwort plant on a day when it is not windy so you do not kill other plants.

You can burn them

This is a solution that is best meant for use on an open field. Usually it is best to hire a burn crew to help you with this feat so the problem can be taken care of properly.