How To Get Rid Of Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Jehovah’s Witnesses is a Christian sect that has been working for more than a century to restore the Christian faith. They feel that Jesus is the representation of God and that salvation can come through repentance and calling on Jehovah’s name. Jehovah refers to the name for God that the followers have. The people in this sect have the right to practice their faith.

However, people in the sect tend to try and promote it to others who are not interested. This can prove to be bothersome because you should not have to deal with people forcing ideas onto you. You can get people who represent Jehovah’s Witnesses to stop getting to your door by using a few tips.

Feel open

Members of Jehovah’s Witnesses who send you copies of the Watchtower publication or try to talk to your about it have the freedom to do it. Therefore, you should feel open with regards to their opinions. You have the right to choose if you agree or disagree with their beliefs. You should not try to shut them out altogether or insult them if you see them.

Friendliness is important

You can contact members at your door and simply allow the members to speak to you. You can just say that you are about to head out to an appointment or you are busy. You should not be rude or interrupt these people. They will head back to you if you do that.

Don’t accept items

You should not accept any Watchtower magazines or other publications that members would give you. They will come back later and ask you about it if you accept anything.

Don’t be too personal

You should not give out anything person to Jehovah’s Witnesses members. This includes contact info or donations. Giving out things can encourage members to be more adamant towards you.

Be consistent

You should be consistent with your responses. This means that you should not be hostile towards members but rather sticking with the same refusals. You can say that you are busy or that you want your privacy respected. You could even have a “No Soliciting” sign on your door. The goal here is to be consistent but at least friendly.

You should use these ideas to help with getting Jehovah’s Witnesses members out of your home. You will need to be friendly without sounding too hostile or upset. This will help you to ensure that you can get these people out of your way without sounding like you are being harsh on them.