How To Get Rid of Telemarketers

Telemarketers that can call you and sell you random items are annoying. These people can represent all sorts of different functions. You can get these telemarketers out of your way by using a few simple ideas.

Join a registry

The National Do Not Call Registry can be a good option to consider. You can enter this database from the FTC to allow you to keep from being contacted by telemarketers.

This is a free service to work with. You can do this for all sorts of telemarketers and even state which telemarketers you do want to talk with. You can also file complaints with the FTC in the event that a telemarketer does call you after you join the registry.

It is easy to get into the registry. You can go to or call 1-888-382-1222 for assistance. This will work for all of your personal phones. This includes all mobile phones that you might have.

Important registry limits

However, this will not keep you from dealing with political organizations, charities, legitimate surveyors or people that you have business relationships with. You will also need to reregister every five years or when you get a new number. You will have to reregister if you change your calling plan too.

Do it with the FTC

You should only get this protection through the FTC. This is because the FTC offers this registry as a free government service. Anyone who asks for money for this service will be operating a scam. Therefore, the National Do Not Call Registry is the only option that you should be using.

Pranks can be fun

You can prank a telemarketer as a means of stopping a telemarketer. You can do this by pretending to order a pizza or talk in gibberish. You can even pretend you are interested and then say no. This is an option that will allow you to sound somewhat professional while still saying no to something.

You can also pretend that you are in the middle of a bad connection. Eating noisy foods and chomping them during the call can also be a good idea.

Just be careful

You should be careful if you are going to prank a telemarketer. This means that you should not be a jerk or too cruel. The telemarketer might be someone who is trying to do this job as a means of supporting one’s family. Try and be kind if you can. Do not make any prank too extreme or too rotten against the person.