How To Get Rid of Your Wife

There can be cases where you might feel that your marriage to your wife has gone as far as it can. You can use many options to handle your wife and get rid of her.

Be honest

You should start by being honest. This means that you should simply state that you feel that the marriage has no more love left in it. You can suggest that a divorce might be best at this point before things get ugly.

Screw up sex

There are some other things that you can do if this done not work. You can do things like register an xxx domain after her. You can be clumsy and droll and even laugh at your wife’s body. You can even stop desiring sex. Be sure to think about things like eating disgusting foods before sex and telling friends about your sex too.

Keep her from feeling good

One idea to use is to keep her from feeling as happy as she should be. This includes doing such things as insulting her appearance and declining to express your love to her.

You should be sarcastic to her. It is also good to irritate her by eating foods that give you gas and then passing that gas. You can even give your wife an embarrassing nickname if you want to.

Annoy her

You can also annoy your wife. You can do so by having her pay for everything and laugh over unfunny things that she says. You could possibly put toilet seats up in your home and say that you have to take a dump when she tries to be romantic to you. You can start coming home late or eating like a slob as well.

Substantial measures

Some measures are harsher than others. You can quit your job or get into the military without telling her. You can pick up some bum on the street and have that person live in your home. You could even come on to her mother or talk in baby talk. These are more extreme measures but they can be unique.

Be different

Sometimes the best way to get rid of your wife is to be someone that she did not want in the first place. You could start acting more feminine or become fat. You could even become a Star Wars loon if you wanted to.

Get family members in on it

You can also ask family members to pressure your wife. This can be done by asking them for money or by coming on to them. You can even act drunk towards them.

What’s missing?

Finally, you can consider showing your wife what she is missing out on. This includes showing her men who are probably more appealing than you are.