How To Make Your Wife Happy

Marriage is a blend of assorted flavors. It is akin to a recipe that gets spoiled because you added a little more of salt or spices. The secret behind a happy married life is to add all spices in the right amount, the right way, and at the right time. And, one the key spices is a happy wife. Men, many a time, fail to realize the fact that they take their wives for granted, which is a crucial factor.

Keeping your wife happy is not as daunting as you think. Here are a couple of easy and effective ideas that you can try out today and see the difference it brings in.


7 Tips To Keep Your Wife Happy

  1. Listen to her.

That is what you all have to do. Just listen to what she has to tell. Every man gets this wrong always. Never give her an advice until she asks you explicitly. A woman does not want you to fix her issues for her; all she wants is you listen to her. You can sit next to her and just hold her hands and make her feel better.

  1. Take care of the kids when she is not well.

She is the one in-charge 24X7. She looks after the kids so beautifully that you are able to do all your work, uninterrupted and finish them off. So, when she is not well, physically or psychologically, just take responsibility. She needs adequate rest so that she will recuperate fast and embark on her journey again.

  1. Give her HER space.

Women, in general, compromise everything, including their likes and dislikes as soon as she gets married. Your interests becomes her; your dislikes becomes her. Come on, does that sound nice? No, never! Give her the personal space she needs. She will never force you to do anything if she has this sanctuary of hers. Plus, she will make you happier.

  1. Make your wife the first person of your life.

This has a massive impact. Make her the first person in your life. Let her be the first person with whom you share anything that happens, good or bad, fun or stress! You will soon realize how good a friend she is. She will genuinely be happy if you do this. Try it now and you will soon find yourself experiencing the same.

  1. It is okay to admire her skills.

Okay! You might have done this out of blue, but then do it intentionally. It could be anything – right from her school days skills to her cooking or yoga skills! Just appreciate and admire her. This is one of the best ways to show that you really respect her. When she meets one of your friends next time, they will tell her that you had been bragging the ‘good’ about her. And, she will be happier than you can ever think!

  1. Sex is not just a quantitative one!

Never quantify your sex life. Sex needs to be filling at an emotional level too. She also has her own set of desires and dislikes. Understand what she feels at the moment. She will feel happier if you compromise a little and allow her to take the lead. According to studies, sex after marriage comes with better quality and thus help you in keeping your wives happier.

  1. Surprise her with gifts.

Women love gifts. You can surprise her with what she loves. It could even be a small bar of chocolate or a bottle of nail polish. But, just make sure that you are picking the thing right. It could even be a long drive or a candle light dinner. Just do this one and see the difference.

Marriage, unarguably, is not a bed of roses. There are definitely thorns that you can pluck carefully and throw away for a happier life. Try these tips and you will see a happier wife.