How To Repair High Heel Shoes

Besides her clothes, jewellery, handbags and other accessories, a woman treasures her high heel shoes. Every woman will have at least one pair of high heel shoes that she adores and loves and looks for an opportunity to put them on. Now imagine a scenario where the woman’s favourite pair of high heel shoes has worn down heels. Wouldn’t that make you feel terrible if you were the woman?

The good news is you can actually repair your high heel shoes without spending money at the cobblers. In fact, it could be an interesting experience. Furthermore, the actual process of repairing high heel shoes is not that difficult and can easily be done at home.

Heel Tips

You need the right size heel tips to fit your stiletto. You can get plastic and metal tips. Most modern shoes have plastic tips, as they are easy on the back, are less noisy and offer better traction and grip while walking. However, if you have a shoe fetish or you consider yourself to be a purist, go in for metallic heel tips. They are longer lasting compared to the plastic ones.

broken heel

Buy the Tips

Check online resources to find out how to measure the exact diameter and size of the heel, so that you can get the perfectly sized tips. It is important you buy the right size tip and this can be done online. There are specialized websites that sell heel tips in a variety of sizes and colours. And yes, you can buy tips, so there is no need to chuck out a pair of pumps that you love more than your partner! You also can get tips from a local shoe repair store.

Remove the Old Tip

The old heel tip has to be removed before you can fix the new tip. Heel tips are attached to the heel with the help of a metallic pin. Hence, you need to remove the old tip as well as the pin. Use a pair of pliers to pull out the tip and pin. You will need to use a bit of force at this juncture to prise off the heel. It is best to use a left-and-right motion with the pliers until the pin comes cleanly out of the heel.

In case the tip has fallen off and just the pin is inside the heel, you will find it a little tough to get it out. Take a sharp knife and cut about 1mm around the pin. This should give you sufficient space to use the pliers and pull out the pin.

Neaten the Heel

After removing the tip and pin, you need to make sure the heel is flat and neat looking. Use a file to even out the heel. If there are pieces of leather sticking out, use super glue to stick them to the heel. If the leather has worn out quite and bit and the heel material is exposed, gently dab some acrylic paint of the same color as the heel using a small piece of sponge. Let the paint dry completely before you decide to replace the tip.

Inserting the New Pin and Tip

Use a piece of wood to fashion a rudimentary shoehorn. This will make the process of inserting the pin easier. Make sure the wood is place in a vice and angle it, so that when you put the shoe on it, the heel is upright and facing you.

Insert the pin into the opening in the heel. Use a hammer to pin and the tip into the heel. Keep hammering until the heel tip is in complete contact with the heel. Just make sure the heel tip is fixed right – the curved part of the tip should be facing the back of the shoe, while the flat portion of the tip should be facing the front part of the shoe. Do not be afraid to use force while using the hammer. It will not damage your shoe or heel.

If you feel the tip is a little too big for the heel, don’t panic. You can fix it on your own as well. Just take a file and carefully grind down all sides of the tip until they are aligned with the sides of the heel.

And, you have just succeeded in repairing high heel shoes and that too at home. You can use these how to repair high heel shoes for any type of high heel shoes. You no longer have to worry about worn out heels or walking on metal pins until you can save up money to repair the shoes. Keep your favourite pumps going for many years using these repair tips. And, the best part is you can do all the repairs right in your garage without spending too much money. The expenses you will have will be on the heel tips, super glue and acrylic paint. These expenses will be much less than going to a cobbler to get your high heel shoes fixed.