Pass Marijuana Drug Tests – How to Pass A Drug Test for THC With Drug Testing Reviews

The use of marijuana as a recreational drug has been legalized in some states and some countries. However, the spread of this approval is not as wide as lovers of the “joint” would want it to be. Even in areas where they have been legalized, there could still be some stigma or restrictions placed by some organizations and employers regarding the employment of people who smoke marijuana.

To this end, smokers of THC are sometimes faced with the challenge of passing a drug test. This could be as a prerequisite for an employment, promotion or some other form of evaluation or test. When faced with such situations, they find themselves needing a quick solution.

But is there any solution to this?

Yes, there is, and we will look at them in detail. In fact, we will share a story you are sure to find very interesting.

A guy who enjoys the occasional joint was faced with a drug test in his office. He had the privilege of knowing the date of the drug test which gave him a little window of opportunity to prepare himself. Guess what he did? Get ready to be shocked.

On the morning of the day of the test, he got up, fixed himself a stick of marijuana and smoked away as he prepared for work. He left for work, went in for the test (which was a saliva test) and passed the test. What?! Yes, he did pass the test and yes, he did something that ensured he passed the test. You may be thinking now, “what did he do?”

Before we begin to look at what to do to pass a marijuana test, we will first look at one question that many users ask. That is, for how long can cannabis stay detectible in the body. After addressing this, we will then look at different types of drug tests and how to beat them.

How Long Does Cannabis Remain Detectible in the Body?

When you get high from smoking marijuana, what makes you get high is the cannabinoid compound in the plant. This is also what a marijuana test will be looking for. Just like everything you take into your body, once that cannabinoid is taken in, your body will begin to break the compound down through the process of metabolism.

How long this compound will remain detectible in anyone’s body will depend on three factors – the individual’s metabolic rate, the frequency of use and the type of test that will be administered. You can read about it here.

People with faster metabolic rates remove the compound from their system faster. This is however affected by the frequency of use. First time users will usually get rid of the compound faster than occasional users, while occasional users will get rid of the compound from their systems faster than frequent user.

You should also note that since this compound is stored in the fat cells, people with more fat will retain the compound for longer than slim folks.

Generally though, if a person stays off a joint for up to 30 days, the compound should be totally off their system. According to experts, it is very rare for cannabis to be detected after 30 days from the last usage. So staying off a joint, staying active and properly hydrating can help speed up the metabolism process that removes traces of the substance from your system.

Types of Drug Test for Marijuana

There are four major types of tests that you may be faced with. These include a urine drug test, saliva drug test, hair follicle drug test and blood test. Of all of the four types of test, the urine is the most common with the blood test being the least commonly used.

The different types of tests have different characteristics. For example, the saliva test can only show drug usage between 24 to about 48 hours while a urine test can show drug usage from up to 30 days back. Hair follicle test on the other hand can show drug usage from as far back as 90 days.

Like we stated earlier, how long the drug stays detectible in the body will depend on a number of factors including the individual’s metabolic rate, lifestyle, and frequency of use. It is important to know the type of drug test you will be facing so you can effectively prepare to pass it.

How to Pass Drug Tests for Marijuana

Now to the part we promised to get to. We’ve already mentioned that the drug will be naturally cleared from your system in about 30 days at the most. However, if you need to pass an upcoming test and your goal is learning how to pass a drug test in 2 days or less, then you may want to look at these quick solutions.

The solutions will be given based on the type of test you may be facing.

Urine Drug Test

To pass a urine test within a day or two, you may not have the time to fully detoxify your body. Whether you are a first time user, an occasional user or a heavy smoker, there is a solution that will get you a passed drug test. This solution is synthetic urine. With it, you cannot fail any urine drug test.

On the other hand, you can try a detox drink. This is different from a detox pill because the drink does not remove the toxins. It simply masks them, providing you with a window of opportunity to present a urine sample that is toxin free.

Saliva Drug Test

There are two quick solutions you can consider for this type of test. These are detox mouthwashes and detox gum. Remember the story you read at the beginning? Well, the guy took a detox gum an hour before the test. Any of these two will mask the toxins in your saliva such that they will not show in your drug test. These also have a strict window of effectiveness that you must adhere to.

Hair Follicle Test

A hair follicle test like we noted earlier can show drug usage from as far back as 90 days. A quick and effective solution for this is using a detox shampoo. This will act immediately, masking the toxins in your hair and ensuring they don’t show up in the test.

Sweat Drug Test

This is not a common test but due to the way this test works, you can use some aggressive detoxing products to cleanse your system and pass it.

Blood Test

Your solution for this is also using a detox product. Thankfully, this type of test is hardly used except in very rare cases.


There are two very important things to note when getting any of the products mentioned above. First, be sure you get the right product and secondly follow the instruction for use very carefully. If you observe these two points carefully, you will be smiling at the end of your test.