How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs – 5 Ways

Proper sleep is very critical as it help in overcoming both physical and mental problems. But, for proper and healthy sleep it is must that you should have clean and hygienic mattress. Most of the time, people do not pay attention on stains, germs and dust which is present on mattress but they don’t know this can be very risky and can result in sleep deprivation. So, if you don’t want to suffer from chronic illness then you must follow some useful tips that will help in keeping your mattress clean and with ease. Therefore, you can say that clean mattress and bedding plays a vital role and can have significant impact in your life.

Remove Bed Bugs From Mattress

Thus, it is important that you should always a have clean and hygienic mattress and bedding so that you can live a happy and healthy life and have a great sleep. In this fast moving world of today most of the people have least time for themselves. They pay very less attention towards small things such as cleaning of mattress but no doubt it is an important thing and should be taken well care of. There can’t be anything more precious than your health and you just can’t take chances with your health. Unclean mattress or bedding means you are inviting trouble for yourself and you might face health issues. Thus, it is important to clean the mattress on regular bases and should take well care of.

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Clean mattress with household items

There are so many items available in house using which you can clean any type of stain and even get rid of molds and bed bugs as well. Some of the items that you can prefer using are baking soda, dish soap and peroxide, laundry detergent, biological enzyme wash and many more. Out of so many other problems, going through bedbug issue is really very tough because it can lead to serious circumstances. Bedbugs are small, brownish and oval shape insects that live on humans or animals blood and are so small in size that it is almost impossible to identify them. Although, they cannot fly but move very fast and have flattened body because of which they can easily hide in your mattress.

Bedbugs bite as well, due to this it becomes much important that you should identify their spots and signs of infestation. Following are some of the ways through which you can identify whether or not you have bedbugs:

  • Blood stains on bed sheets or pillows
  • Musty and bad odor coming from your mattress
  • Bedbugs shed skin, fetal spots and egg shells
  • Rusty and dark spots on bed clothing, mattresses and sheets

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Different ways to get over bedbugs

Getting over bedbugs is not so easy, but many effective tips are there which can be considered and follow to remove them from mattress. There are different types of treatments you can opt for and have beneficiary results. Mentioned below are some of the tips you can follow:

  1. Kill bedbugs with non-chemical methods as they are costly saving and result orient as well. Heat treatment and cold treatment are two different types of non-chemical methods, but on other side they will not remove bugs completely.
  2. You must vacuum surrounding area of mattress and once you are done with this immediately place vacuum bag outdoors in a plastic bag.
  3. Always use a stiff brush before vacuuming as it will help in removing bugs and their eggs.
  4. Get rid of all such places where bedbugs can hide such as plaster cracks and peel down wallpapers before it get too late.
  5. You must treat your mattress from time to time using bedbug spray and for better result focus on tuffs, folds and seams of mattress.

Having clean and clear mattress and bedding helps you in living a happy and healthy life. You can feel relaxed and find comfort on your bed if your mattress is clean and have no bad odor. So, stop being lazy or careless but make sure you have your mattress clean on regular bases so that you can have full comfort at your home on your bed.