How To Get Rid of Clover

Clovers especially with the four leafed one are considered lucky for many of them. It is assumed that if you get a clover of fore leafed one then your rest of the day goes very good. But to many of them this clover is considered as a complete nuisance. They feel that their arrangement is disturbed because of clover and therefore they try to remove it. Generally it can be removed by bare hands but if they are large numbers certain measures need to be applied to eradicate them. You have to create different solutions to address each type of clover problem on your garden.


Human hands-the clover killers

a relatively small number of clovers will not be problem for you to remove them. All you need to do is to water your garden and then pick the clovers a few hours later. You can even search for the four leafed clover to make your task more interesting. You can use the following ways to remove the clovers from your garden:

Your hands: if there are small clumps of clover it wont be a problem for you to remove them. Also the clovers roots are thin, so your one snatch will be enough to get the clovers out of the ground.

The weeder: weeder is used to remove weeds from your garden. They can also be used in removing the clovers form your lawn. The weeders scrapping head enters the ground without much difficulty and uproots the weeds or clovers. The task of getting rid of clovers becomes much easy with the use of the weeders.
Water the garden: watering the garden loosens the soil, due to which the roots of the clovers also loosen. Just wait for the garden to become a bit dry and then start the process of removing the clovers with the help of your hands.

Certain other measures to get rid of clovers are as follows:

1. An acidic solution

Clover needs healthy soil to survive. Pouring of acid in it will definitely kill the clovers as they are unable to bear the abrasive properties of the strong acid. Vinegar is the most useful acid of all.

2. Smother clover with tall grass

This method will prove out to be quiet strange but it is effective. All you need to do is to grow tall plants around clover due to which the roots of clover won’t get enough nourishment from sun and eventually the plant will die.

3. Sugar solution treatment

If you sprinkle a solution made up of sugar on your garden, it restricts the growth of clover. This is because when sugar is mixed with water it removes certain enzymes which do not allow the clover to grow further. And do not worry it is not harmful to other plants in your garden.

4. Corn gluten treatment

This also like sugar releases certain enzymes named organic dipeptide which restricts the growth of clover. According to many landscapers, corn gluten is more effective than sugar.

These are some of the ways to get rid of clovers.