How To Get Rid of Dog Fleas

Dogs are men’s best friend. They are cute, lovable and every one wants to have one. But now imagine a dog full of fleas. Will you anymore live with it? Infact, you would run from it. Dog fleas are found inside your dog’s fur, sucking its blood. If left untreated it can bring about hazardous skin problems to your dog. Not only this even your dog will be at risk of contracting tapeworm. Thus it is very important to get rid of dog fleas as soon as possible to maintain good health of your loving pet. Here are some ways which you can try to get rid of these little bad fleas:

Bath your dog regularly

Bathing your dog regularly keeps it clean. Cleanliness is the representation of good health. Bathing your dog regularly will help to get rid of the flea problem even before it arises. Wash your dog once a week or once in two weeks depending upon its breed. This will keep them healthy and also wont attract fleas.

Wash the dogs bedding

If your darling pet is infested with fleas, it is likely that it I spreading it different areas where it moves, especially in the areas where it stays for a long time. You need to wash the dogs bedding in hot water made up of soap, as bedding is one of the place where the fleas harvest their eggs. Even dog houses need to be washed with warm water and soap. This will keep your dog and the area where it lives clean.

Turn to flea products

Some owners of the pets just bath their pets with the regular products without paying much attention to their pets body especially when it is groomed by fleas. In such cases your pet requires more than a normal product. They need special anti-flea solutions. The most popular are as follows:

  • Flea shampoo– they except for cleaning and beautifying the pet, also help them to get rid of dog fleas.
  • Flea dip– this works when your pet is also irritated by mites and ticks. It is an advanced solution.
  • Flea collar– this contains certain toxic substance which kills the flea immediately.
  • Flea comb– they are like normal comb but also help to get catch of the fleas.

Natural flea remedies

Although the above chemical solutions work quiet good for your pets but there are also certain home remedies. They are as follows:

  • Garlic: put some fresh garlic in food processor and add some oil to it. Hten apply it on your pets body. Wash it off after few minutes.
  • Olive oil: start applying it from your pets head and then apply it to the whole body. Shampoo it after time. With it comes out the fleas.
  • Talcum powder: apply this powder all over your pets body. You can eaven substitute baking powder to it.
  • Salt: fleas hate salt. Sprinkle all over your house and some on your pets body. This will wipe off the fleas.

The other measures is to use vacuum your entire house or to use insecticide. Thus the above measures will definitely help you wipe off the fleas.