How To Get Rid of Dog Mange

As everyone knows dogs are man’s best friend. They have helped humans in many different ways. They are loyal and always ready to help. That is also one of the reasons why most of the people keep dogs as their pets. When you have a dog at your home you don’t need a watchman for your house, as dogs have proven themselves as good guards. Dogs were the first who were used as guides for humans. This all are the reasons why a dog owner feels bad when his dog is weak.

It is pitiful to see your dog suffering from diseases. Manage is one of the common disease in dogs. It brings about patches of bald skin along with enlarged lymph nodes and skin infections.

Manage is also known as canine scabies by many people. It is caused by small parasitic mites who come in contact with your dogs body. The first and the foremost symptom you will notice about manage in your dogs body is the fall of hair from his body and itching.

Manage may occur in two types either it can be localized where it affects only certain parts of body like feet, ear and face or it can be generalized where it affects the entire body of dog. When manage is generalized the problem is serious.

Types of manage

There are various types of manage. Most common ones are as follows:

  • Sarcoptic manage: it emerges from Sarcoptic mites. These mites cannot be seen by naked eyes and they are the worst of all the mites as it affects the dog’s body the most.
  • Demodectic manage: they come from demodex canis mite. They are not so dangerous as Sarcoptic manage. They usually infect puppies but puppies can heal from it very fast. This type of manage is also known as red manage.
  • Cheyletiella manage: they come from Cheyletiella mites. These mites can be seen from naked eyes. These mites are highly contagious for humans as well as for dogs.

To cure any of the above manages; take your pet immediately to a veterinarian doctor to avoid further damages to your pet.

Ways to get rid of dog manage

The solution depends on how severely has the manage has affected your dog. Below are certain ways to get rid of dog manage:

  • Take the help of vet: as soon as you find you dog infected by manage, take him to a vet without hesitating. Vet will able to diagnose the problem quiet well and give proper solutions.
  • Use mite killers on your dog: there are many mite killers available in the market. They are available in many forms like powder or a solution ar as an ointment. Just apply it on your dog’s body.
  • Give your dog a good diet: a good nutritious food will help your dog keep fit and get rid of many infestations.
  • Maintain proper hygiene: cleaning of dog and his kennel regularly will help to avoid many problems related to dog.

Thus the above ways will help you to get rid of dog manage.