How To Get Rid of Firebrats

If you possess a bakery and along with it you have the equipments which creates lot of heat or which is placed in warm and humid area, then there is a high percentage of you battling with the problem of firebrat. You will find firebrat where there is heat as they just love heat. That is the reason why they feed more on starchy stuff as it possesses more of heat. Firebrats also destroys the fabric especially rayon. You should definitely get rid of these pests.

Confusion between firebrat and silverfish

Many confuse firebrat as silverfish as they look alike. Firebrats like silverfish also belong to the family of lepismatidae. Although they look alike there is a vast difference between the two. And one important distinct point between them is that the firebrats like heat and the silverfish doesn’t. the other point of differences are as follows:

  • Silverfish body is like carrot shaped where as firebrat has got a bigger width
  • Silver fish is gray in colour where as firebrats are dark in colour.
  • The eggs of firebrats take 12 to 13 days to hatch while that of silverfish takes 19 to 43 days to hatch.
  • Silver fish lays 2 to 3 eggs while adult firebrats lay around 50 eggs a day.
  • Silver fish prefers moist areas where as firebrats prefer hot areas.
  • Firebrats are nocturnal creatures as they are only active at night where as silverfish’s are active at day time.

Firebrats can be found either inside or outside your house. If you find a large number of them in your house then they have stayed there for a pretty long time as they reproduce quiet slowly as compare to other insects.

Ways to get rid of firebrats


Keep your house clean as firebrats feed on anything they find. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of small particles which are naked to your eyes. Place your books, magazines and newspapers in tight shelf so that firebrats could not enter the area.

Regulation of heat

As mentioned earlier firebrats loves heat. So to avoid them turn off your heat generating device whenever possible.

Improve lighting

Firebrats are not found in areas where there is light as they are active at night. They are mostly found in dark areas. So to get rid of them improve your lighting and keep your house lighted.


Along with hot areas firebrats also thrive in humid areas. So control the humidity in your house. For this you can make use of dehumidifier. You can also make use of silica gel to absorb the moisture in small areas as this might be the place for firebrats to thrive.

Eliminate the entry points

Your efforts will be futile if firebrats can easily come in and get out of your house. Thus seal all the possible areas from where firebrats can come in.

Thus the above steps will help you to get rid of firebrats.