How To Get Rid of Rats Safely

They say that the best way to get rid of rats is to use pesticides and chemicals to poison and kill them. These methods are not only very effective in getting rid of these pests, but they’re also very effective in controlling their population.

However effective these artificial methods may be though, we can’t deny that they also pose some risks. For one, the chemicals can be pretty harmful not only to the occupants and pets living in the house but also to the environment. Two, some pests do develop higher tolerance to these artificial pest control products, rendering them useless and ineffective in the end. Three, harsh chemicals can also damage furniture and things, causing stains and discoloration.

For this reason, you can try natural and organic methods of getting rid of rats first. They’re safer and also just as effective.

Keep Your Garbage Bins Closed

Ample food source is what attracts rats to a home in the first place. They are scavengers, and they will scavenge for food in garbage cans and bins. If you don’t practice the habit of always keeping your garbage cans closed, then it’s just like you’re inviting these rodents to your home. You’re giving them easy and free access to an ample supply of food, prompting them to stay and make their nests in your property.

ratTo keep rodents away from your property, don’t give them easy access to free food supply. Keep those garbage cans closed, and make sure that the area remains clean and dry.

Keep Your Garden Clean

Rats also look for water source, so if you have standing water in your garden or dripping faucets, then you’re going to attract rats and other pests such as bees, ants, mosquitoes, etc. You can keep these pests away by filling the water puddles with soil. This will allow the water to drain out and, at the same time, prevent water from accumulating.

You also need to remove debris, piles of wood and dead leaves, or old tires from your garden. These serve as the perfect hiding places for rodents, and the longer these stay undisturbed, the better they’ll serve as shelters for these pests.

Keep Your Home Clean

It’s also very important that you keep your home clean. Remember, you don’t want to give rats any reason to invade your home, and a clean home is a good deterrent against rat infestation.

Always keep your kitchen clean and sanitized since this is the area where you store your food, prepare your meals, and eat the food you cooked. You don’t want rats contaminating your food and water.

Rooms that are rarely used, such as attics and basements, should also be kept clean and tidy. Undisturbed rooms mean more safe havens for these rodents. The same treatment should also be given to crawlspaces.

Adopt a Cat

Cats are natural predators of rats, and their presence could keep rodents away. However, if you’re allergic to cats, you can make use of products that simulate cat’s smell. You can spray them in places where you suspect rats live, and they’ll avoid it.

Use Natural Rat Repellents

You can also make use of natural rodent repellents such as herbs with strong scent and sprinkle them in rat holes. Good examples of these include mint, pepper, wood hyacinth, cayenne, among others.

Speaking of rat holes, you need to seal these holes up. Make sure that there are no entryways rats can use to enter your home.

If rat population becomes uncontrollable, get in touch with a pest control company.