How To Get Rid of Mongoose

Mongoose came in to being along with Rudyard Kipling’s, a great English author’s book, THE JUNGLE BOOK. The story in the book was named rikki-tikki-tavi where mongoose saved one family from two huge cobras and the rest of their life they did the same. Even in today’s world they are used for the same purpose but are liked by very few people. Infact in many places this so called pet is totally banned. Mongooses are not welcomed warmly in various habitats of animals except their own.

All about mongoose

Mongoose belongs to herpestidae family. It has got a long body and face, small rounded ears, short legs, tapering tail and somewhat cat like structure. They have claws which are used for digging. They are mostly found in southern Europe, southern Asia, Caribbean islands and Africa. The food of mongoose consists of small insects, crabs, lizards, earthworms, rodents and chickens. As they are of aggressive and cunning nature they can kill any snake including the king of all snakes, Mr. Cobra. They bear a thick coat which protects them from cold and its enemies.

Yellow_ mongoose

Mongoose as pets

Not all types of mongoose can be kept as pets. Certain types are more aggressive and does not very well mix up with other domesticated animals specially cat. If still you wish to keep them as your loving little pet, purchase them when they are quiet young. This way you can help them grow properly and provide them with proper training. For training purpose also, certain types of mongoose are really born intelligent. They are capable of learning various tricks very quickly and with ease. It is because of this intelligence of theirs they are used to kill vermin. In-fact they are used by many farmers especially in India to save their farms from rats and snakes as mongoose can kill them quiet easily. Bu yes they also prove to be harmful as they destroy the fauna in many places. That’s the reason why they are banned in many places.

Getting rid of mongoose

You will see it very rarely a mongoose left free. This case only turns out when he himself has escaped from the cage. But if they are left free, they can bring about great damages. So it is better to follow the following steps to get rid of it:

1. Call your local wildlife or animal center

As soon as you see a mongoose coming your way and destroying things immediately call up your nearest animal centre to avoid future destruction.

2. Donate them to your local zoo

If you are able to catch a mongoose and have no idea as to what should be done of it then donate to your city’s zoo. This is a good thing as zoo will be able to take proper care of it as they have got knowledge about how to handle animals.

3. Use old fashioned traps

You can even use an old fashioned cage trap to catch the mongoose. You should have no problem in selecting the bait. Just remember that do not keep snake in it as they are not predominantly snake eaters. If you do so all your efforts are in vain.

The best way is to keep your authorities informed so that they handle the ones properly.