How To Improve Your Batting In Cricket

Cricket, beyond doubt, is one of the most popular sports in the world and thousands of cricket lovers aspire to excel at the game. While some choose bowling as their area of expertise, some others want to be ace batsman! It is quite competitive and so you will find it necessary to enhance your batting skills. The truth is, there are several methods that you can use to improve your batting skills. Of course, consistent practice and hard work will help you become an ace batsman over time.

11 Top and Effective Tips That You can Utilize to Become a Skilled Batsman

Skilled Batsman

1. Using Right Stances

There are various stances that are used for batting in cricket, as it is. The side -on stance is probably the most widely used one! Whether you want to adopt a defensive stance or an offensive one that depends on the situation and the type of bowler you are facing. If there is a fast bowler you are facing, adopting a defensive stance is better. If you have more confidence when facing a bowler, taking an offensive stance makes sense. A hook shot is deemed as an aggressive shot. The position of the game also plays a decisive factor here. When there is enough time, you may play a little defensive, but when the time is short and the team needs runs, adopting an aggressive stance becomes almost mandatory.

2. Understanding The Bowler

Not every bowler is same and you will need to get a good understanding of the bowler you are facing. Based on that understanding, you can limit yourself to delivering basic strokes or switch to the advanced ones.

3. Gripping The Bat

Gripping the bat properly is also necessary to improve batting skills. This depends to an extent on if you are left or right handed. If you are right handed, always place left hand on the top of the bat handle. The opposite is true if you are left handed batsman. Usually, the upper hand grip is tighter than the lower hand.

4. In Sync with Bowler

It is important that as a batsman you keep your actions and body movements in sync with that of the bowler. Even a second’s delay can prove to be disadvantageous for you! Once you have got the stance correct and a stable grip on the bat, Keep your eyes fixed on the bowler and his moves. Back lifting the bat in time is essential or your stroke will not have the desired impact.

5. Back Lift

when you back lift the bat, its position should be just right. When you back lift the bat it should not point downwards or be held straight. Instead of these, the bat should be held at an angle. When you bat, however, its position should be straight.

Batting Drill

6. Body Movement

When you move your body to hit the ball using cricket bat, remember that the movement should begin from the shoulders and remaining parts should follow. When you bat, the elbows will be somewhat bent.

7. Watching Matches

This can be really advantageous when you want to improve your skills in cricket- be it in batting or fielding! Watch one day and test cricket matches of ace cricketers on TV. Of course, you can also look up in web and watch YouTube videos of the same people. You will be able to figure where you need to improve and how famous cricketers tackle various types of bowling. How they deal with spin bowlers and fast bowlers should be watched carefully.

8. Patience

This is the quality of every good batsman, say the experts. You will need to give yourself time before you develop the qualities of a skilled batsman, the change will not happen overnight.

9. Exercises

It is also necessary that you resort to doing specific exercises that help you enhance your batting performance in cricket. For this, you need to perform such exercise with regularity. These exercises will help improve core strength and agility.

10. Squat and Stretching

You can do a number of stretches sometimes before the beginning of the match. It does not require any equipment as such. Doing Squats help you build powerful leg muscles. As you know, you will be spending a lot of time standing on the pitch and the legs will bear the weight of your body throughout! Doing front squats everyday can help you develop leg muscles easily.

11. Running

You will have to be a good runner when you are a batsman and agility is a necessity for that. Resorting to running is required, but you can do better by practicing zigzag running. Doing forward and backward hopping can also prove to be rather helpful in this regard. Practicing the running and hopping exercise for half an hour a day would be good enough.


These simple pointers will go a long way in improving your batting in cricket. By improving your stamina, you will be able to perform better on the field too!

How do you practice? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!