How To Avoid Lipstick Stains On Glasses And Collars

Is your precious lipstick sticking to everything else but your lips? It definitely is a woman’s make-up nightmare to see stains of her lipstick on glasses, collars or anywhere her lips touch. Not only does this lead to stains, but also causes your lipstick to fade faster, which means that by the end of the party all you are left with are nude lips instead of the pouty red you came in with. The good news is that these lipstick stains are easily avoidable if you follow some simple tips!

Use A Primer

Lip primers are one of the best inventions for those who want their lip colour to last really long. No matter how good your lipstick is, it tends to wear off after a few hours, using a primer will make your lipstick stick to where it belongs: your lips! A primer helps in creating a smooth and even base on your lips so it is easier to glide your lipstick on and make it stay longer. This also helps avoid transfer of lipstick to glasses and collars.

Try A Lip Liner

Lip liners are a useful make-up accessory as they help to shape your lips and fill uneven areas on the lip after applying lipstick. They are especially useful for those with thin lips as lip liners can be used to create an illusion of fuller lips. Besides its amazing uses, lip liners are also very effective in preventing your lipstick from transferring. The next time you are applying your favourite shade, remember to make an outline with a liner first!

Lipstick Stains On Collar

Blot It

Blotting helps to keep your lipstick in place and also takes off any excess lipstick. It is a simple technique: apply the lipstick and blot using a tissue paper, then apply another layer and blot again. You can apply 2-3 layers (or more if you desire) this way and forget all about leaving stains anywhere your lips touch.

Apply Foundation

Foundation is an excellent replacement for a lip primer. While everyone may not be keen on buying lip primers, foundation is something that can be found in every make-up kit. The trick here is to evenly apply foundation on your lips and then seal it in using a compact or any other talcum powder. Once you have created a base by doing this, just go ahead and apply the shade you wish to. The only catch here is that due to the foundation your lipstick will become a shade lighter, so you may have to apply more than one layer. This trick will seal the lipstick to your lips and you can breeze through the day without a touch up!

Powder It

The humble powder can be an effective weapon in your make-up arsenal. Using a compact or any talcum powder is a great way to prevent your lipstick from leaving stains. If you do not wish to use foundation or primer on your lips, powder can be a good substitute. All you need to do is apply a layer of lipstick and then dab it with compact powder. Repeat it 3-4 times and you will have a lipstick that stays glued to your lips all day, no matter what you eat or drink. This is one of the best and simplest ways to prevent your lipstick from staining clothes and crockery.

Pout All Day

These simple but effective tricks are sure to be useful in keeping your lipstick to yourself! Also, do not forget to pamper your lips with regular exfoliation and keep them moisturised with good lip balms. After all, no one wants to waste a good lipstick on chapped lips!