How To Get Rid of Bleach Stains

Bleach can be a very useful chemical. However, it is a strong substance that sometimes creates light spots on darker fabrics.

Usually color-safe bleaches are best for these darker clothes and surfaces. On the other hand, regular chlorine bleach used on fabrics and surfaces could cause white spotting.

You should be careful and prevention is best. However, accidents sometimes happen. Whether you are in the prevention stage or treatment stage of removing bleach stains the info you read in the next few sections should be very helpful.

Ideas for Prevention

Of course, you will not have to get rid of bleach stains if you watch what you use it on to begin with. One way to prevent whitening of items that should not be white is to remember to clean out the bleach dispenser before you watch colored clothes.

Using color-safe safe bleaches is also recommended. This is further explained as you read more prevention and treatment tips found in this article.

Other preventative tips are shown below:

  1.  You should wash the colored clothes that would not bleed first. Save the ones that could bleed for last.
  2. Another way to protect colored clothing is to put your washer on a rinse cycle before you do your next laundry batch.
  3. When performing the rinse cycle step you are advised to put in white clothing only. You could also try just running the washing machine without any clothing in it at all.
  4. Realize that removing bleach stains is not actually possible. All you can do is cover them up. You could try natural bleach alternatives such as sodium hydrosulfite or hydrogen peroxide and Borax to take care of the problem.

Treatment Options

Of course, prevention of bleach stains is not always possible. The good news is some colored clothing can be repaired if you can use a substance such as sodium thiosulfate. This ingredient can help neutralize bleaching effects and thus restore the natural color where color has been taken out of a fabric.

However, you should beware that sodium hydrosulfate and oxygen bleaches are used for bleaching only. Neither of these two substances will cause bleaching problems but they are very useful for cleaning your clothing.

Of course, if you can find the right color dye you could just restore a clothing item by dying it the same color. Another option would be to bleach the garment completely and then dye it a different color, depending how worth it to you it is to do so.

Precautionary Advice

If you are not sure how a clothing material will react to a bleach or bleach alternative you should test it. Perhaps you can work a hidden spot of a fabric by hand just to see what happens when you use a particular chemical or substance.

This is one of the best ways to avoid ruining fabrics. Another precautionary measure to consider is simply only using a bleaching product as directed.

For instance, any time you use a strong substance such as this the room should be properly ventilated. Otherwise, the fumes could cause you or one of your children or pets to get sick. Just be very careful.