How To Remove Egg Stains

Often eggs fall from your hand and break on the floor, leaving behind a dirty and sticky stain if the mess is not cleaned immediately. Similarly, if cooked egg falls on cloth or fabric, it can cause difficult stains that make your start of day annoying. But we have solutions to fight off egg stains made on any material. Here are some tips that will teach you how to remove these tough and stubborn stains made by egg.

Stain On Fabric

Our children get a lot of scolding early in the morning for spilling egg on their clothes just before they can leave for school. These stains are almost impossible to get rid of, or are they? Here is what you should do remove egg stains from fabric.


First scrape off excess egg very gently using a scraping tool. Now employ a dry cleaning solvent to sponge the stain. You may use a spot lifter too. Applying dry spotter gives very good results, but remember to cover the stain with absorbent pad every time after applying spotter to ensure the spot remains wet throughout. Let it stand for some time and wash in liquid detergent with a few drops of ammonia to get rid of stain completely. Use lots of running water over the spot to ensure that no ammonia is left on the fabric. This method can be used for any fabric, including nylon and polyester.

You may also use enzyme pre-soak for difficult stains.

What If The Egg Falls On Your Expensive Piece of Leather?

As we said, don’t worry! Just remove excess egg and wash the stain with mild soap and lukewarm water. Use a clean cloth to dry the piece of leather. However, if you still see a greasy stain, use cornmeal powder over the stained area and let it rest till the stain vanishes. Use a brush to clean cornmeal off leather.

If Egg Stains Your Favourite Carpet Or Any Other Delicate Stuff…

Removing excess egg is the first step followed by sponging with a dry cleaning solvent. Now use a dry spotter over the stain and an absorbent pad over the dry spotter. It will take an hour at the most for the stain to disappear. If the stain persists, use an extra spotter and again cover with an absorbent pad to ensure it does not get dry. Use running water to clean the carpet and later clean it with a dry cleaning agent. Let it stay in the sun to get dry thoroughly and you are ready with stainless carpet restored to its original state.

Note: For harsher stains, use enzyme pre-soak as directed on the package.

What If Your Kitchen Tiles, Sandstone/ Granite/ Limestone Slab Get Affected By Egg Stains?

To clean your kitchen tiles and slab is as simple as a child’s play. All you need is some washing soda and fragrant detergent. Just scrub the detergent over the spot with a sponge and rinse with water thoroughly. The fragrance from the detergent will mask that eggy odour.

Has Egg Spilled Over Your Porcelain Dishes, Glass, Ceramic, Plastic And Stainless Steel Fixtures?

Don’t bother! Start with scraping away excess egg with a butter knife. Follow this by washing the stain with warm soapy solution. Rinse thoroughly and you are done!

Want To Remove That Irritating Egg Stain From Kitchen Wallpaper?

Once the excess is gently removed, moisten a sponge with water and gently pat the affected part of the wallpaper. Repeat the process until the stain comes off. Remember, don’t let the stain dry. Clean it immediately.

Quick Notes:

  • It is always better to remove stains as soon as they appear. Older stains become difficult to get rid of.
  • Use cold water to remove stains till the stain is oily.
  • Every time you use a cleaning solution, check it at one corner of the fabric. It should not ruin or damage the material.
  • One should thoroughly wash fabric and other materials to remove any residual chemicals.
  •  Follow instructions written on stain removal products carefully.
  • Don’t rub delicate items, such as silk, carpets, woollen items and other expensive materials.

So next time your temper rises early in the morning because of spilled egg, count till ten and use the tips mentioned herein to clean those egg stains. At least, you won’t scramble your brains!