How To Eat Gluten-Free While You’re Traveling

Traveling is a way to rejuvenate the tired mind and make room for your body to relax- it is something almost everyone needs. However, traveling is sometimes stressful and it can be more so for some individuals-especially for people afflicted with specific ailments or physical conditions. Eating healthy and suitable foods while traveling can be a concern for any people, both women and men. Those with Celiac disease can find it particularly tough. Sometimes, it can be tough to avoid gluten when you are traveling. However, you need not lose heart. With proper planning and adopting cautions, you can enjoy your trip while eating gluten less food.

Couple Eating Food

Couple Eating While Travelling

10 Top Tips That Are Handy For Ensuring You Get Gluten Free Dishes When Traveling:

1. Doing some homework and planning

Just like your research in the internet a lot for finding information on a travel destination before you book tickets, the same is applicable for foods. The web is your best friend regarding information on availability of gluten free foods in a travel destination- whether it is mountainside or seaside! You may try websites like Gluten-Free and there are some more sites like that. This way you can figure out which restaurants and eateries on your upcoming travel destination are safe for your gluten free diet needs. With a little effort you can come across groups of people with celiac disease on social media platforms.

2. Keeping a snack pack ready

No matter if you travel to Italy or Switzerland, it helps if you keep a gluten free snack pack ready when you have celiac disease. You never know of situations where you can be away from suitable eateries when exploring travel destinations and hunger pangs may attack! A gluten free snack pack should be kept handy and that can be useful for evading the urge to gorge on whatever food you get in those situations. Make a snack bag full of foods like Energy Bars, nuts, seeds, gluten-free cereal and dried fruit etc.

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3. Looking out for condiments

Sometimes, it is just not possible to eat out when you are in a travel destination, even if you have issues with foods containing gluten. This can happen to anyone. At least, you should try to reduce the chances of in taking foods containing gluten. If you eat at restaurants, ensure you do not use condiments in foods as far as possible. Some condiments like yellow mustard, soy sauce and BBQ sauces may contain gluten in varying amounts. So by evading condiments in your foods, you can evade hassles.

4. Street food can be good sometimes

A lot of people feel eating street food in a travel destination can be risky, but that may not be so at all times! In places like Thailand, street food is actually prepared in a healthy way with fresh ingredients. You can actually see what the food sellers are using. You can ask them for detail on ingredients if required. Language can be a barrier in some places, but you may come across helpful locals.

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5. Cooking on your own

Yes, cooking by yourself is actually not so tedious when you are traveling. In many travel destinations, more so in home stay accommodations, you can cook your own food. These setups also have attached kitchens with utensils. You can shop with care and prepare your own food as long as you stay in that area. This way you can avoid eating gluten free food while traveling. Of course, cooking everyday will take up some time, but that is a small price to pay for staying healthy while traveling, is not it!

6. Picking snacks wisely

Sometimes, you may find it rather hard to carry a snack bag filled with gluten free foods of your choice in a travel destination. But that does not mean you should serve yourself when hunger pangs set in! You can definitely buy snacks when sightseeing, but pick those wisely. Buying fresh fruits and vegetables is fine, but you should avoid buying processed snacks.

7. Using technology to your benefits

Apart from using the web, you can use technology to stay safe when traveling and eat gluten free. For example, you can very well use your Smartphone and get suitable apps to find more resources on gluten free food availability in a travel destination. You may also find some such apps that can be used to translate suitable words related to the foods you want.

8. Checking food storage options

It is better of the hotel where you would be staying has food storage options for customers. If there is a fridge and microwave in your room, you can be worry free about buying and storing a lot of gluten free foods. These provisions may be heavy on your wallet, but at-least you can be safe from suffering from gluten related ailments.

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9. Feeling free to ask

It is better if you ask questions about availability of gluten free food at various stages of travel. You may ask the eating outlet staffs at airport lounges for the same, for example. If you are unsure about the ingredients used in dishes while eating out, ask the waiters or restaurant staffs about suitable food options. You may be amazed that some restaurants that do not officially keep gluten safe options in their menu, actually serve several gluten free dishes. Even the staffs at the hotel where you stay can give you some advice and reference for such foods.

10. Eating out early or late

When you have to eat out at a travel destination, the timing you choose affects your prospects of getting the type of food you want, including gluten free foods. For example, when you eat out at rush hours, the staffs at restaurants may have a hard time preparing gluten free dishes with specific ingredients for you. If you eat quite early or at late hours, it becomes easier for them to comply with your eating needs.