How To Travel Around The World Without Quitting Your Job

Everybody you see around has a job or runs a business. It could be one hotshot corporate executive or the neighbourhood grocery shop owner- they all spend plenty of time in their job or business. That brings the million dollar query in mind- is not it possible to enjoy life and still do a job? Those who love travel often find the question lurking at the back of their mind. The truth is, you can manage that, under many situations. With the advent and growth of technology and the web, managing fun and career has become easier than before. Travel is a necessity for most people- it relaxes your body and mind and gives you freedom from drudgery of life. There are various ways in which you can travel without cutting down on income.

Travel Around The World

6 Tips Will Help You Quench The Travelling Instinct In Your Mind Without Quitting Job:

1. Choosing Remote or Freelancing Job

Nowadays thousands of women and men are opting for jobs that let them work from home or any chosen location. While most such jobs are limited to IT sector, the rewards are aplenty. You can do such jobs without adhering to regular work hours, commuting and putting up with boundary of regular jobs. Moreover, you can find time for relaxation and travel as per your convenience. Examples of such jobs include freelance journalists, graphic design professionals and web designers.
Some people also manage more than one such job from home or home based office setups. You can also think of getting into home based businesses if you have the acumen and versatility.

2. Using Leaves and off Days Wisely

Even if you are into a regular and full time job, it is not impossible to find enough time for spending a fortnight in the Caribbean’s or enjoy an extended tour in a city like Venice! Try accumulating your leaves and mix them with other off days whenever possible. Mixing accumulated leaves with public holidays like Christmas can be pretty useful in this regard. You may even think of taking a few days off by tolerating a small cut in your salary for once.

3. Taking Time off While Switching Jobs

There is hardly anyone who sticks with the same job from the beginning to end of career! Job and career changes do take place, sometimes without prior plan as well. When you change jobs take a gap in between and enjoy the time in a vacation. Of course, you will have to save some money for that period. However,theflight miles, credit card points can come in handy for such travels. While applying for the new job, settle for a joining date that falls on next month or at least after a fortnight or so.

4. Take a Job with Scope For Travel

It is the best when you get into a job that comes with the prospect of travelling! There are companies that take employees to business tours and workshops in offshore locations. While you will still be working, you get to explore new places as part of work. Working in companies that have offices in offshore location is another option. After working for an office in the organization, you can opt for a transfer to another location, based on situations and prospects. This may be good both for career prospects and the travel bug inside your mind!

5. Putting in Efforts For Holidays

Sometimes, when you are open to your employer about your need to travel it helps. If you agree to pour in a couple of extra hours for a month and want to take a week vacation in the next month, they may agree. This may not be possible in every organization, but many corporate sector entities value serious employees who are clear about their intentions.

6. Getting Out of Comfort Zone

Sometimes, you may sorely need a vacation and finding enough ways to manage every side is not possible. At such times, you should just go for a vacation even if it hurts a little more financially and otherwise. This may not be feasible for a long trip or overseas vacation, but a short tour will not make your universe collapse!