How To Decide Between Smartphones

There are so many smartphones on the market nowadays and it is becoming increasingly tough for the consumer to decide what device to go for. Almost all of the devices are on contract and thus the cost of the device itself is often negated so it comes down to two things, aesthetics and performance.

These devices are so far advanced from phones of the past it is becoming even more difficult to distinguish between the features contained within the phone.

I think the most important thing a budding user can do is ask people what they think of the phone, asking somebodies opinion is the best way to get an honest opinion of how the phone performs and what the weaknesses of it are.

We live in a world in which online reviews are king and these should also be consulted before purchase.

This article will highlight what I believe are the three most important factors when deciding what phone to go for.


Depending on how frequently you are going to use the phone it is important to check out the specification in order to assess what the level of performance is going to be like. By performance I mean the speed at which it works and the way it makes you feel as a user. The best way to get a feel for this is by reading online reviews, there are so many websites that can offer you all the insight you need to get a good image of what the phone is going to work like.

We live in the internet age so it is important that you select a phone that has the latest mobile internet capabilities. There is no point buying a phone or committing to a contract if the manufacturer bring out a new version the following week. You just need to be aware of the market situation and don’t be afraid to ask questions to the guys who work in the shop.

They know you are going to buy a phone from them so they won’t be afraid to give you an honest opinion on what device will suit you best.


It is something that many of us pay a lot of attention to, the way the phone looks. To be honest, in recent times this has become more important, simply because each of the devices offer a similar service regardless of what model it is.

The only next logical thing to base a decision on is the way it looks, aside from the way it performs. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this as a decision making factor, at the end of the day as long as the phone can ring people, everything else is a bonus.

Fun Apps

These devices have loads of fun apps and dependent on what operating platform you choose the apps available are different. So if you are planning to make a lot of use out of the apps, this could be an area to research prior to purchasing the handset, although it may not be as much of a deal breaker as it might have been previously given the prominence of cross-platform software and development tools today.

Andrew is an author with a love for modern technology. He is fascinated by the way things change and how technology has developed in recent years. He graduated with a degree in Computing.