How To Create A Big Impact At Your Next Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event is no less tedious than arranging a large scale reality show on a prime TV network! So many things have to be arranged and unexpected turn of events can make managing things at the last moment rather cumbersome. It can give any company owner or management some jitters. However, with proper planning and execution of the plans it is not impossible to make your company’s next corporate event a grand success. You have to analyze situations, plan accordingly and keep options ready when things do not fall in place!

While there is no hard and fast rule, you may try out some measures to create a bang with your entity’s forthcoming corporate event.

1. Researching on Delegates


Based on the type and scale of a corporate event, your company may have to invite different types of delegates. When your forthcoming event involves high profile guests like leading industrialists, media leaders, socialites and such people, doing some research on them can help you in the long run. The presence of such persons adds glitter to your event and gets media focus extensively. So, you may look up resources like their social media profiles or news on them online to learn more about their preferences and personal likings.

2. Invitation


You have to ensure the delegates receive the invitation for your company’s event well in advance. For this, resort to as many means you can. For example, sending the delegates printed invitation cards is passé. Along with that, sending them emails, invitations through social media is also necessary. Ensure, every form of invitations sent to the delegates contain enough information about the venue, timing and directions. Include contact numbers on the invitations that may be necessary for them. Including a map of the venue in the digital invitation card would be a good idea.

3. An on-site team

corporate event management team

The delegates and even media persons would require some assistance once they arrive at the event venue. You need to have an on-site team ready. The team can be handy for directing the delegates to their positions, catering to their needs, etc. This team should be comprised of people who are smart and can take quick decision based on situations. This team should have a specific dress code that helps the delegates identify them as volunteers. Instead of deploying your company workforce, you can also turn to the services of professional event management service providers for such needs. These service providers take care of nearly all aspects of holding such corporate events.

4. Utilizing Social Media

Social Media Branding

The power of social media can be utilized even for hosting corporate events in a proper way! Using Facebook for creating an event before the program and including relevant people in it is what you should do. Social media is used by almost everyone, nowadays and it is an excellent channel to ensure the delegates stay in touch and updated about the event. Before a few days of the event, it is necessary to create a buzz in those social media channels. Some companies resort to Twitter to release teasers about the upcoming event with images and catchy taglines. Using Instagram to upload images hinting at the event can also be useful in this regard. Ensure those posts have something relevant and aren’t uninteresting for the target audience.

5. Foods and Beverages

food corporate event

In most corporate events, arranging for food and beverages for the delegates become a necessity even if the event is not very lengthy. You should ensure the food and beverages are of high quality. Variety is something you need to focus on. For example, arranging for both vegetarian and non vegetarian foods for the guests at the event make sense. For events lasting for a couple of hours or so, offering tea, coffee and snacks should suffice.

6. Safety and Crisis Management Provisions

Fire at Corporate Event

When you plan for a corporate event, arranging for safety and crisis management is a necessity you cannot afford to overlook. Such events are attended by celebrities, industrialists, eminent media persons, etc. Arranging for their safety is a prime need. Besides, you should ensure the venue is equipped with provisions to cope with emergency situations. There should be options for evacuating people in the event of a fire, for example. Provisions for medical services should also be ready in case anyone falls sick during the event.

7. Infrastructure


In a corporate event, it will be necessary to use various types of gadgets and devices. You should ensure all provisions are kept for conducting the event as planned and backup should be ready. From projectors to wireless internet setup everything should be checked before the event can begin to avoid any hassle later. Sometimes, hiring certain gadgets or appliances can be necessary. While doing so, checking for quality and reputation analysis of the provider should be done.

8. Ambiance


It is necessary that the venue has the right ambiance for holding a grand corporate event, adoring the venue with proper lights and decals is a necessity. Corporate events need not always mean a drab and boring business affair! Using lights in varying ways can also make the venue appear enticing to the delegates. Using designer Led lights with varying intensity is an idea. The way presentations are made can also make a difference at such events. Using humor, interactive sessions and slideshows with thought provoking content can ensure the delegates stay engaged and do not feel bored.