How To Make Your Business Look More Professional

Not everyone feels content with the limited growth prospects and binding of conventional jobs. If you are among them and have started a business venture with dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, that is quite commendable. However, it is not just enough to start such a venture. You will also have to focus on growing the business and making it more professional looking. Unless your venture seems more professional than rivals, it would be difficult to develop a client base or get new customers. This is applicable both for online business and ventures that operate offline.

8 Effective Tips That You Can Utilize To Ensure Your Business Looks Quite Professional

1. A stunning and user friendly website

business website

It does not matter if your company sells FMCG products or makes organic ready to eat foods, you will need a website. While freeware and online web design tools are there, it makes sense to get your business website designed by a professional entity. Of course, you may also seek the services of a reputed web design freelancer, but the website should look professional and appealing. A lot of people will develop an impression about your business by looking at the website first. When they find the website appealing, they will browse it and that will pave the step for getting new customers in the future. Besides, the website also needs to be user friendly. You should consider getting a mobile optimized version of the business website as many customers use mobiles to look for products and services online these days.

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2. Helpline number

helpline number

Your business also needs a helpline number. While email and live chat are also options that prospective buyers or existing clients can benefit from, a number is a necessity. Some people find using a phone to resolve their queries the most convenient option. While having a mobile umber for resolving client queries seems most convenient, it is more professional if you can get a toll free number for the venture. It is also important that the calls made by customers are answered without much delay, whether it is for a product related query or grievance about any issue.

3. Social media weaponry

Social Media Presence

Thousands of businesses, both small and giants are hopping onto the social media bandwagon to reach out to more customers. You should do the same if making the business looking more professional and reachable is your target! A lot of youngsters and even adult target users use social media sites on a regular basis. By making social media profiles of your venture, you can reach out to them easily. It also makes promoting your existing and upcoming products easier. Ideally, you should utilize sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to develop a social media presence of your venture. Updating those profiles with relevant content on a regular basis is also a prerequisite. Facebook, in particular is useful for running campaigns and teasers of your company products from time to time. If you find managing too many social media accounts tedious or time costuming, you may use software like Hootsuite that simplify such tasks.

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4. Appearance

Better Place To Work

If your company is not only online and there is a physical office space, keeping it professional looking is also required along with a stunning website. The office should be kept squeaky clean and things should be well organized. It is a must to create a positive impression on mind of new clients or customers who may need to visit the premises. A shabby looking company with things never in place is the perfect option to drive away potential customers. From lighting to choice of colors, everything should be done with care. The employees also need to be professional in their appearance and approach for the same reason.

5. Contact information and company details

About Us

In the website of your business venture, it is important that you keep a contact section and an ‘About us’ page. Some potential buyers can be inquisitive in nature and they would want to know information about a company before ordering products from it. In this section, you may offer short and useful information about the company, its motto and a brief history. The Contact section should contain all types of contact information like phone, email id and physical address of the company. Without these, many new customers will not find it safe to buy from your company.

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6. Logo and business card

business card

While a lot of customers can be contacted through social media sites and a lot of them may buy from your company website, you should not ignore traditional business communication mediums. You should ensure the business card and logo of your venture looks aesthetic and appealing. You should get these designed by an ace design firm. From choice of color to tagline used in the company logo, everything matters.

7. Quality images and videos


From time to time, you will need to update your business website with fresh content. Content is not really limited to text. You also need to use high quality images and videos in your website. Do not rely on your new Smartphone to snap the pictures though! Hire a professional photographer to take images of your company products and office, etc. Optimizing the images and videos for web usage is also necessary before you upload them for practical reasons. Using elements like fun, humor and captions in the videos and images may also work in the company’s favor at times.

8. App

Food App

You will find a lot of businesses, including the likes of Dominos Pizza to online shops selling groceries having their dedicated apps. This is something you may think of for your business venture too. While having a mobile optimized website of the company is fine, a lot of people prefer using apps from their tablet and phones rather than browsing a site for placing orders. So, it is prudent that you get an app developed for your company, for major mobile OS platforms like iOS and Android.