How To Prepare For A Job Interview In Market Research

Preparing for a job interview is possibly the most important part of securing a job and often the most overlooked. But after getting through the application round and securing an interview, you need to be prepared if you want it to go well.

As with any job, there are steps you should take to make sure you are ready for your market research job interview. Here are some of the more specific tips we have to offer.

Make sure you know what to expect on the day

When the day of the interview comes along, you don’t want to be surprised by any unexpected requests from your prospective employer. Make sure you know where and when the interview will take place, and check the invitation again to see if there are any documents or ID you are expected to bring. Double check your interview letter; if you haven’t been given all of the details about an interview, you can ask.

Additionally, try to find out if you are being interviewed by a panel and whether there are any special requirements, such as a test, to prepare for. Very often an interview for a market research job will require a presentation from the applicant. If this is the case, try a presentation you have already carried out in your current role. Interviewers will be looking at how clearly you can present information, how well you know the material and how you respond to questions.

Research the company

Take time to research the company you are interviewing for; the more you know about their business, the better. A market research role will very probably mean that the company has already conducted market research of its own. Try to find any published results and analysis and show your interviewers that you are aware of the market research they already conduct.

One of the main questions any interview will have is “why do you want to work for this company?”. This is a great opportunity to talk about any market research ideas you have for the products or services they sell.

Think about market research questions

An interview for a market research job will contain questions such as:

  • Why should we conduct market research?
  • Describe a market research strategy you have used in the past.
  • How would you present the results of market research in a strategy meeting?

These type of questions will all be related to the role you are going for, so it’s important that you are able to answer them well and show your understanding of what the job entails.

Show your knowledge of modern techniques

Market research techniques and strategies are evolving all of the time. Try to find out information about current trends and how they could be applied to the role you are interviewing for. This will show your interest in the field of market research and the company you are trying to secure.

Understand what is missing from your application

If there are any parts of the job requirements you do not meet, know what they are and try to do something about it. If you turn up for an interview and have recently completed an online course on a piece of software that it was desirable for the employee to have, this will impress your interviewers no end. And if they figure out your flaw, be honest – don’t try to cover things up.

Good luck!

An interviewer will always be able to tell who has prepared and who is trying their luck. By putting in some time, you can improve your chances or advancing in your market research career.