How To Prevent Parcels From Getting Lost In The Post

When you’re sending a parcel, it’s natural to be worried about its whereabouts. It doesn’t matter whether your parcel is really valuable, sentimental, or just a small gift that you’re sending to a friend or relative; you still want to ensure it gets to its destination on time and in good condition. So how can you prevent your parcels from getting lost in the post?

Use a courier

Don’t waste hours of your life waiting in never-ending post office queues. If you have a full time job and work Monday to Friday, it’s unlikely you’re even going to make it to the post office in time anyway, and nobody wants to spend precious time at the weekend standing in a post office queue. What’s more, you’ll likely save a great deal of money by not going to the post office.

Reliable and reputable international parcel couriers can be found easily with a simple online search. All you have to do is choose which courier to use, enter in the dimensions of your parcel and the destination address, and then select which delivery option you want. It’s as simple as that.


Package correctly

One of the main reasons that things get lost in the post is down to incorrect packaging. Now I’m not really talking about whether or not you’ve used bubble-wrap, although that’s always advisable on fragile items. No, what I mean is that you should always ensure you put on an address label. It may sound silly but ensuring you write the correct address in full will go a long way to helping your parcel arrive at the correct destination.

You should write the name of the recipient and the destination address in thick black marker pen. Write in capitals and ensure that it’s easy to read. If you’re worried that it might rain and the address may smudge, you can stick sellotape over the top of it to prevent this.

Return to sender

If for any reason your package is deemed undeliverable, it’s likely that it’ll be taken to the nearest sorting office and a card will be left for the recipient. However, it’s also possible that the person delivering the package may run out of cards, or may even forget to write one out (hey, they’re only human!). In which case, no-one will know where the parcel is.

Before sending your parcel, write your own address on the reverse side under ‘sender’; that way, if the person delivering the parcel cannot find the address or something goes wrong during transit, the parcel will be returned to your home address.

Parcel tracking

Many courier services offer a helpful parcel tracking service on their website. It’s very easy to use and the website will have steps to guide you through. Select the parcel tracking tab and you’ll be prompted to enter your unique confirmation code, which can usually be found at the top of your confirmation email. Once you’ve entered it, select ‘track my parcel’ and you’ll be redirected to a new window where you’ll be given information as to the whereabouts of your parcel. So you’ll be able to tell whether it’s been dispatched, is in transit, or have been successfully delivered, which can give you ultimate peace of mind when sending something important or last minute.

So don’t allow your parcels to go missing any longer. Prevent this from happening by following the above steps.