How To Write Social Media Updates To Create Buzz

Social media presence has become a mandatory requirement for businesses nowadays and you will find it hard to locate any entity that lacks a profile in Instagram and Twitter! However, having a social media profile is not enough- your brand also needs to use top social media sites to reach out to target buyers and race ahead of rivals. It is necessary to master the tricks of writing, social media posts in the right way so that they generate maximum buzz, get enough followers and the impact is seen in the revenue in the long run.

How And When To Create Buzz With Social Media

Social Media Buzz

As it is, brands want to generate buzz about their products and services mostly before something is launched. It could be a new lineup or a time limited offer. The entities may also want to use a fair, trade show or similar event to promote its products and expand client base. Whatever the reason is, it is necessary to have a clear plan regarding the creation of social media posts and their sharing so that the impact is optimum.

Prioritizing Target Platforms

There are so many social media services people use these days and you need not cover them all to promote company products and services- just focus on the major ones. Dealing with lesser number of social media profiles is easier at the end of the day, even if you have a separate team for managing social media activities of the company. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are among the major services most businesses focus on. By utilizing these platforms your business will get plenty of focus.

Things To Do Before The Event


In the month before an event it is necessary to post content that creates curiosity about the event. Event hashtags are very important in this context. Post images in Instagram and videos in Facebook that contain information on the event and USP, without revealing too much. The presentation should be catchy, but not gimmicky.

Creating a separate Event page on Facebook is advisable and you can use the page to update target viewers about details. Use Twitter to update followers about changes, if any, and publish nuances that may be helpful. The Instagram images should be linked to the event. Use LinkedIn to make a group for the event and this can be used to invite key influencers. You may even use the group to initiate event related discussions. It can help attract many more followers than you can imagine.

During The Event

Interested followers and loyal users will want updates on the company events as it unfolds. Engage your social media team to post updates in key social media profiles during the event, including tweets, images and videos. The updates should be relevant and contain elements to keep the buzz active. Quote comments of key attendees in the posts and also post images highlighting the products or offerings in

Facebook and Instagram

It would be a good time to offer a contest on your brand social media profiles where interested people can participate. Early bird offers and time limited promos can also be offered to strengthen the buzz at this time. Ensure they are focused on the services and products launched.

After The Event

You can still benefit from using social media profiles after a specific event is over. Now is the time to use the services to gather feedback of the attendees and others! Deploy your company’s social media management team to streamline and record social media account details of the attendees and users who showed interest in the event. Later you can reach out to them personally. Of course, you can use email to reach out to those people at a later time.

Final Analysis

You can also analyze the relation to the social media posts created before and during the event to evaluate their efficacy and end result. This will help you realize what type of social media post helped your brand, attract the maximum number of viewers and which ones were met with lukewarm response. The likes and comments gathered by the posts need to be analyzed carefully. Eventually, you will be able to use social media more effectively in the future to promote the company and services.