How To Choose The Best Laptop Sleeve

With people using their laptops for numerous needs like web browsing, entertainment and office productivity, it becomes imperative to protect the laptop from bumps and knocks. While you may have got a laptop bag from the seller while buying the laptop, a sleeve can come across as more handy and convenient. A laptop sleeve is lightweight, shields the laptop from scratches and knocks and also looks way sleeker than those clumsy and large laptop backpacks. However, choosing the most apt sleeve for your laptop is quite important.

Laptop Sleeve

Ways To Select The Most Apt Sleeve For Your Laptop

There are a few aspects that should be analysed before you buy a sleeve for your laptop. These are:

1. The Size of Sleeve

This is the most vital aspect to consider when you shop for laptop sleeves. The laptop should fit well inside the sleeve, to begin with. An undersized sleeve will get torn if you try to push in large laptop. Similarly, a small laptop will get tossed into a large sized sleeve. Several laptop brands and third party companies make laptop sleeves specifically meant to accommodate models of sizes like 16 inch and 14 inch, for example.

2. Material And Build Quality of The Sleeve

After dimension of the sleeve, you have to think of the material. Laptop sleeves are made in various materials like polyester, nylon and microfibre. You may also get your hands on a few made of synthetic leather. The cost will vary accordingly and you should select a sleeve keeping in mind your usage needs. Suede and microfiber based sleeves tend to be quite thin. A thick sleeve will offer better protection from bumps and knocks, as it is. Costlier sleeves usually have the cavity made of neoprene.

3. Type of Enclosure

Not all laptop sleeves have same enclosure type. There are models that have zips and you also get ones with Velcro flap. In some models, you will find both these options present. Buying an open ended sleeve is also possible and these sleeves have less space inside to ensure the laptop does not slide out easily. The inside of such sleeves should have soft padded material that will protect the device from accentual falls and hits.

4. Additional Space

When you carry a laptop, it is just natural that you will like to carry a number of accessories with it. While you cannot expect a laptop sleeve to act as a substitute for a laptop bag, additional space is welcome! The presence of a few pouches inside of the sleeve to slip in a USB stick or small USB cables can be useful in this regard. You will still need a bag to carry laptop charger or external hard disks, though.

5. Aesthetic Aspects

There are gadget lovers who are particular about using devices that stand out in the crowd. From Smartphone accessories to headsets they want to use accessories that are attractive and aesthetic. Thankfully, you can find laptop sleeves that come in a plethora of colours and designs nowadays. However, buying dark coloured sleeves makes sense for those users who need to carry their laptops frequently. White or light hued sleeves attract dust and dirt easily.

Summing it up

Overall, you need to buy a laptop sleeve that accommodates the laptop well and shields it from hits and knocks. The thickness and inner padding goes a long way in ensuring the safety of your laptop. After these conditions are met, you can think of the aesthetic aspect. Before buying such a sleeve for your laptop, make sure you read the online reviews of popular models carefully.