How To Get Rid of Fear of Rejection

Do you now that behind the charming happy self of yours you might have a deep-rooted sense of rejection working? If you are suffering from a fear of being unaccepted by all, then you need to know a few very important life lessons, the first of which being that you cannot be everyone’s favorite person around. One of the very easy ways to locate a person with a fear of rejection is perhaps finding someone who imitates others. This means, one gives up his/her control over his/her life and imitate others because he/she thinks that would help the person blend in. This can lead into deep depression, paranoia and even suicidal tendencies if not treated at the right moment.

Think Happy. Do not let yourself think negatively or in a way that would affect your happiness. Always think of the bright side of life, and make sure you have yourself to be happy with. Remember, you should be doing things that make you feel good, and add to your self-esteem. That would help get a lot of happiness.

Be independent in your ways and do not let others interfere with your life. If you have a plan, then rather than breaking it to be with someone else, make it a habit to follow it through.

Do not take huge steps. Take little ones, and that would help you much more than trying to do everything together. The key here is to be independent, and that can come slow. Do not despair, take it easy. What you can do is make a list of all the things you are afraid of getting rejected from. Then remember the moments when you were rejected and analyze the way you reacted. Then, realize the consequences of the rejection, and think up of the ways you could have handled things different. If there are any other problems or fears then learn to deal with them too.

Think about the actions you do, and do not think of the consequences. You should not lose your emotional control, and by doing this, you can easily mirror back the thoughts and feelings. Set some goals which you can actually reach, and do not keep goals which you cannot.

You should also learn from your mistakes, and do not repeat them in future. If you have made a mistake, learn from your error.

You should mourn your problem and make yourself drown in your own misery of rejection so that when you are out of it you shall feel refreshed and happy because you have spent your negative energies in the right direction. Think positive, and do not get down just because you feel negative. Keeping yourself focused and confronting your fears you would be able to get over your fear of being rejected and lead a happier and secure life. Remember, these are feelings, and they can get hurt. But you can definitely stop the fear and look for a better day when you get over the misery.