How To Get Rid of High Heating Bills

Don’t you love to sit beside the fire and take in the warmth? But ouch, the cost is pretty stunning and equally appalling at times. What you need is a reduced bill for your heating system.

When Do You Need Artificial Heat?

You can use artificial heat to keep warm during the cold autumn and winter when cold winds invade the comforts of your house.

Turn the Heat Off

Here you will find helpful hints to turn down the heating bills and save yourself some major money.

  • Pile on the blankets. Get yourself an array of clothes and rugs which would keep in your body heat.
  • Wear extra layers. Extra layers of clothes would keep in your body heat and insulate you against the cold.
  • Chicken soup for both body and soul. Soup is actually a kind of heat-insulator. Drink a lot of soup to invigorate your body and mind. Chicken, split pea and ham, potato, or hot oriental soups can keep you warm on a cold day, and provide you with a huge amount of comfort.
  • Insulate your home. You can easily insulate your home with a few simple steps. You can talk to your local insulating agent, or go online to find one who can get you the materials with which you can do it yourself.

High Heating Bills

Look for Other Fuels

Don’t you think using other forms of energy can help you more? It actually can change the way you work with fuel and give you massive amounts of savings at the end of the day. Some obvious choices are:

  • Convert furnaces to small incinerators. Burn used garbage, newspaper, wood chips and other biodegradable products in your convertible furnace. You can use a fireplace for the same purpose too.
  • Try biodiesel. You can use biodiesel easily. Even cooking oil can be called that and used in place of more expensive heating agents.
  • Chop wood, just like the old times. Wood is still one of the best ways of reducing your fuel bills. It is also cheap. So you can cut down a few unwanted lightweight trees and use them to increase your household heat. This would also give you a workout that would raise your body temperature.

Stay Active

Exercise your way out of the cold. The more you keep yourself busy, the less the cold gets to you. Keep yourself busy with work and play games. Here are a few ways:

  • Take a jog. Wear your sweats and run out to the wide open spaces for a brisk jog. It would put the cold away and keep you fit.
  • Exercise indoors. Workout at home. If you always thought of learning the salsa or doing Tai Chi, then there is no better time than now when you are stuck in the house.

Use Heat Prudently

Be prudent and use heat with caution and judgment. A few steps you might want to remember:

  • Turn on the heat only to warm through.
  • Don’t set the heaters on high.
  • Try radiant heating.

Take these easy steps and you would find your heating bills have gone don drastically.