How To Keep Track Of Your Current Accounts While You Travel – 3 Ways

Do you travel frequently on business trips? Do your family vacations land you halfway around the world? Are you constantly going out of town? If you’re always on the move, chances are that you understand the importance of staying on top of things when it comes to your personal finances. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to forget about your financial responsibilities. No matter where you go or how long you’re out of town for, you need to make sure that you keep track of your loans, your bills, your payments, and even the balance of your current bank accounts. While traveling can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience, stress and worry can ruin your excursion. Don’t let problems with your accounts damage your vacation time. Even if you’ve never worried about tracking your finances before, there are a few ways that you can monitor your current accounts even while you travel.

Let your financial institutes know that you’re going to be out of town

The first and most important step you can take is to talk with your bank, your loan company, and your credit card companies before you leave for your trip. While you may believe that your credit card company will be thrilled at how much you plan to spend on your trip, the truth is that they could put a hold on your account if they don’t know you’re on vacation. Unusual spending activity, including frequent purchases in a strange state, send up red flags to your credit card company. Nothing is more frustrating than finding yourself in a foreign place with a credit card that doesn’t work. Save yourself time and stress by contacting your financial institutes before you go out of town. Some places, especially credit card companies, let you notify them through their websites that you’ll be traveling. Other companies or banks may require you to call them personally. Simply let the company know your travel start date, the places that you’ll be visiting, and how long you plan to be gone for. Ask that they put a note on your account about your trip so that your cards won’t be locked.

Take advantage of apps

Smartphone banking

The value of apps cannot be overstated. Before you travel, make sure that you download apps for any bank, mortgage company, or credit card company that you have current accounts with. This will let you quickly and easily see your account balance even while you’re away from home. Additionally, consider downloading an app for your iPhone or Credit Card Manager for your Android phone. If you prefer a free application that you don’t have to pay for, do a quick search on either iTunes or the Play Store for Credit card  and you’ll find several money management apps. The right money app will help you stay on top of your spending. Expenses can add up quickly while you travel, so it’s important that you keep track of how much you’re spending, where you’re spending it, and what you’re spending it on.

Always check your online banking

No matter how tired you might be at the end of the day, make sure that you take the time to check your accounts online each night. If you were overcharged for something, double charged for something, or don’t recognize a charge on your account, it’s important to take care of it while the event is still fresh in your mind. For example, maybe you went to a restaurant and left a tip on the credit card. The amount on your credit card bill isn’t the amount you remember signing for while at the restaurant. Since the experience is still recent, you’ll remember exactly how much you spent and be able to address the issue with your credit card company and with the restaurant. If you wait until you get back home to check your accounts, you may find that your memory is foggy or that you don’t remember many of the places you visited. While this is a normal part of traveling, it’s not good for your accounts. Always double check your financial accounts each day.