How To Buy The Best And Healthiest Salmon

Doctors and diet experts recommend eating sea fish and among the available options they shower praises particularly on salmon. Imbued with nutrients, protein and healthy Omega 3 fatty acids- this delicious and flavourful fish finds a place in platters of millions of households, all over the world. Salmons can be cooked in numerous ways as well. However, buying the suitable type of salmon can be quite challenging. There are so many variants of salmons- like sockeye, Alaskan, Atlantic and you also need to select between wild or farmed variants!


Ways To Buy The Healthy And Fresh Salmons

You need to keep the following points in mind to ensure that only fresh and tastiest salmons reach your kitchen!

1. Touch The Salmon

When you buy whole salmon in the market, touch and feel the fish! The flesh of fresh salmon should be somewhat firm but not too stiff. It should have a bouncy feel.

2. Inspect The Appearance

Salmon flesh color can vary from one species to another, as it is. Wild salmon tends to be more reddish while farm raised variants have orang-ey flesh. In any case, fresh salmon should have a shiny flesh. You also need to look for minimal bruising and clear eyes while buying salmons.

3. Source of Catching

How and where the salmon is caught plays a role behind its taste. You should try to buy troll caught salmon. This ensures the fish is less likely to get bruised during catching.

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Buying The Suitable Variants of Salmon

The variety of salmons can be really bewildering, more so for the first time buyers. You can buy the following types of salmons without worry.

1. Wild Salmon

Also called Alaskan salmon, these are caught off the Pacific Northwest or the coast of Alaska. The Alaskan salmon has less fat and a firmer flesh. The health benefits offered by the variant are simply superb.

2. King Salmon

Also known as the Chinook salmon, it is a variant characterized by high oil content. The majority of Chinook Salmon have orange to reddish flesh, though you can come across a few fish with whitish flesh. The taste is awesome and these species are high in omega 3 fatty acids.

3. Sockeye Salmons

Sockeye Salmon are known for their very reddish flesh and these fish also have a firmer texture. Some of these salmons are found in cold and glacial river systems. They are caught mostly in Alaskan regions.

4. Chum Salmon

Also called keta salmon, this variant is characterized by a mild and firm flesh. They are found in Pacific Ocean Starting from California and up to Siberia. Owing to wide availability it is sold at lower rates than other salmon species.

5. Coho Salmon

Coho or silver salmon gets into the market after summer. It has a mild flavour which makes this variant more suitable for the kids. It is smaller in size and ideal for grilling. Coho salmons eat less and hence they are considered to pose reduced risk of PCBs, which is a carcinogen.

6. U.S. Farmed Salmon

Also called U.S. Atlantic salmon, this variant is being seen and used more frequently than ever before. You mostly get farmed variants but their nutritional value is also good, as per diet experts.

7. Canned Salmon

Sometimes, getting hold of salmon fillets or whole salmon may be out of question, more so in off seasons. Wild salmon costs can be prohibitive sometimes as well. Then you can opt for the canned salmons. These cost much less and you can find them year long. The popular brands include Chicken of the Sea and Bumble Bee.